Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull list sept 30 2015

Still rolling on a high from Rose City Comics Con and anticipating some good books this week.... Every week t try to post up a list of what I am actually buying based on the idea I'll keep to a budget of twenty dollars and this week it's pretty possible for me to do so as this month has five Wednesday's. I start my list with my must buy and sometimes a trade will sneak into the list as I like reccomending books I love....

From Under Mountains #1

When I first saw this cover I was pretty hooked and knowing it was a fantasy story made it twice as enticing for me. What I didn't realize was that it was tied into a series I was also looking forward to... It's part of the story that Marian Churchland has been working on with Brandon Graham for 8House called Arclight thought I should have guessed looking at the style and looking at that art previews by Sloane Leong has done for the opening issue its going to be very pretty. As 8house is giving us some very pretty science fiction at the moment it's nice to have a bit of silky looking fantasy to go along with it. If your a fantasy reader and want a bit of sequential art along with your prose 8House Arclight and this spin off presence some excellent serious take on the genre outside barbarians and group adventures. $2.99

Jem and the Holograms Outrageous Annual #1

So I'm going to say it I have been really enjoying the pastel colour fest and drama that has been Sophie Campbell, Kelly Thompson and while Sophie's on a bit of a break Emma Vieceli. This anthology title seems to be a spin on movie night with the girls, the preview we have seen looks to cast Aja in the role of Road Warrior in an homage to the movie franchise. Given how much I have been enjoying the series in general I'm pretty sure this issue is going to be worth my time and moreover the price of admission. Me I'm hoping this is going to along the lines of the old (old) uncanny Xmen Kitty's Fairytale... Will this be for you I can only say Kelly is a solidly good writer, is doing a marvelous job on the regular Jem series, her OGN Heart in a Box got great word of mouth and she worked with my favorite Kelly Sue on Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps which was one of the best Secret Wars books I read... So give it a look.... It's sure to be bright...$7.99


Zodiac Starforce #2

And to continue the bright colours Zodiac Starforce rounds out the list this week. The first issue I thought did a great job jumping right into the midst of things as the heroes get pulled into some new deadly weirdness. Kevin Panetta (Sorry about that mistake...)and Paulina Ganucheau effectively avoided the origin story and just gave me what I didn't know I wanted which was something a bit Buffy TVS and a lot Sailor Moon the girls don't necessarily seem to love one another but they sure do have one another's backs when the story gets going and that sets a great precident I think in that people should stand up for one another. Guess you can say this is my kind of thing and I hope more people find it as its a different flavor of superhero and given the touch of sameness that hits the shelves in the U.S. we need a bit of variety. $3.99



And so that brings my list to just under 16 which means I can try a bit of some thing else out... Like Mantle that finishes its first run this week and I've read good things about Ed Brisson from authors I dig there is also Mythic by Phil Hester that I've been kind of curious about too... and though I passed on the last couple issues of Rasputin I did enjoy the story and the gorgeous art in that book....

There are some ideas.... What you got on your list I might like...


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