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Dead-wood Dispatch pull list Sept 9 2015

So here is me weekly ramblings, there I go rambling again, on the books I'm actually going to be or planning to buy out of this weeks comic releases attempting to keep to a twenty dollar budget starting with the book I absolutely must support and this week there will be a collection suggestion following the regular list as there are lots of good longer works coming this week.

Bitch Planet #5

Wow it has been far too long since the last issue of Bitch Planet but it takes a lot of care and effort to create something so relevant, real and well written, illustrated and written about. Issue 5 promises to be the one that will show us what the deathsport, Duemila or Megaton, and that has me seriously worried as well I trust Kelly Sue, Valentine, Chris, Clayton, Laurenn and Lauren not to pull any bloody punches and crap I'm worried someday corporate prisons may actually pull that kind of crap. Anyway my personal paranoia aside I'm signal boosting for this marvelous book because it been a while and for some out of sight... Anyone who likes honest unflinching real to human stories should really be reading this book and in some ways it might be the only book to buy this week. $3.50

Ms. Marvel #18

So if memory serves me right this is the final issue of this volume of Ms. Marvel and I know it continues the crossover I much have been anticipating, the Captain Marvel Ms Marvel Show. The first part was a mix of fun and sadness as we know this is the end of the 616 universe and even though we know these characters and their titles are returning and this one thankfully with the same creators; we are still kind of saying goodbye. Kamala is a sweet caring and honestly earnest character and that is something a. It rare in the old staid and morally wibbly-wobbly marvel verse. Its been said but spiritually this is the modern Spider-Man book as its got that kind of vitality and brightness in the storytelling and for me it never fails to be touching and enjoyable. $2.99


Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #2

And if you are like me this cover will create an ear worm that will be near impossible to dislodge so I'll include a music link to help on the price. I have now cought up in the first volume of this series and now grok the concept of how this magic works and well I'm exited to see how this plays issue plays out because of my memory of that particular song I will not link to. Maybe it's a bit of a coincidence with the return of this book but lately music has been playing a bigger and bigger role in my life and I have started listening to music both new to me and old... but not that song referenced on the cover no that is burnt into my memory. McKelvie can turn out some really beautiful pages and I'm anxious to see his work in black and white again. So I'm not sure how to really sell people on this book as there is a lot going on under the covers of the story and we'll give the first issue a look as its out there and I think it's pretty approachable cold. $3.99

The Wicked + The Divine #14

Woden is not to be left out as the other Gillen and McKelvie book is also out this week spotlighting the Daft Punk inspired Norse god and promises to let us see under the mask, something I'm not much looking forward to to be honest. To me mysteries are a good thing in fiction and I don't know this would be like knowing what Victor Von Doom really looks like (oh crap we do now) or knowing Logan's real origin (that too). Since Woden is the reference here and mythologicaly he gave up one eye for knowledge I do wonder what the quest for power did to this Woden. As last issue was a psychological mindf/ck and a good one and made me really love the character and the Baal issue was particularly revelatory this I suspect will be pretty excellent too. The art is apparently done by Jamie McKelvie himself so he much be pretty invested in this to deliver two books this month. You know if your in for this but I could always hope to boost the sales for this long con kind of story a bit. $3.50

Injection #5

Warren and Declan have been delivering full on entertaining and beautifully rendered work on this occasionally cryptic pre apocalypse mytho-cultural story. As Warren has revealed something that the research group unleashed into the would has altered the way that things work and it's somehow related to local cultural mythology or something like that bringing about a kind of singularity where the world may just become unrecognizable or something. We'll see I actually don't have a good handle on things to explain the book but the story and characters are real and compelling and who could fault a book be Declan Shavley as the art is so so good. $2.99

And that brings me to just about 17.00 leaving me with a difficult choice.... That being either break my budget a little with 1602 Angela #3 or break it a lot with Headlopper #1 which is $5.99 but is quartley.



Which brings us to the question of collections... This week your spoilt for choice as The brilliant sci fi book Descender by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen releases its first volume and Saga Volume 5 also comes out but my choice is the original graphic novel by Steve Orlando...


This promises to touch on the devistating prejudice and danger that is faced by people attracted to the same sex in Jamacia. This book I heard little about till seeing a post about it on one of the many co,it's blogs I read... it is a vengence story following a cop who is beaten and betrayed by his own and given how good and deeply written Midnighter is I am willing to get this along with my weekly haul to really break my limit just before going to Rose City Comic Con next week. $9.99


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