Monday, August 24, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull List Aug 26

It's been a rough month for my comics budget and I really have to pay more attention to the list I put together here as well I have some desires other then comics but I do so love the medium. So this is my weekly list where I try to winnow my desires down to a twenty dollar pile of books from the cool shiny weekly Christmas roller coaster that is comics. I start my list with my must have and some weeks will add a collection or original novel length book....

Zodiac Starforce #1

So here's the thing I have always loved Japanese animation and wheni saw the promotional art for this appearing on my Tumblr page and discovered the artist Paulina Ganugheau I've been awaiting this impatiently. Paulina was interviewed by Kate Leth on less then live months back which added to my anxiousness for it. This is the first of a four issue mini series from Dark Horse Comics that is a tale in the Sailor Moon like magical hero story about a defunct group of teen girl heroes. From the interview it sounded like Paulina and the writer Kevin Panetta have a great amount of affection for their inspirational shows like that and Card Captor Sakura, I expect this to be fun and poignant in equal measure and full of colours we see very seldom these days in comics. So it's a no brained to say that Sailor Moon and Buffy fans should give it a look but I think that people that get and love Steven Universe and Adventure Time will be entertained too... Support this and Power Up so we can get more of these...$3.99

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #3

Any other time this series cowritten by Kelly Sue Deconnick and my new favorite writer Kelly Thompson would top the list here. This take on Carol Danvers puts her back in the military as the leader of an all woman flight squadron the protects their area of the Battleworld from invasions from supposedly infected lands of the ultrons and zombies and bugs oh my. In the last issue many questions were raised because she and her girls actually pay attemtion and ask questions where others don't. Issue two ended in quite and pulp era cliffhanger and left us hanging so this will be the first thing I read. Will this book have any affects on the post Secret Wars Captain Marvel book, I can't say except I hope some of the support cast make the cut as I like Carol with pals and foils to play off of and well I sorely miss Lt. Trouble who in this world is one of the Thors.... Lopez does a brilliant job in making a wide range of character types and communicate a lot through them given most have little page time. It's great comics....and a fitting exit for Kelly Sue who I will sorely miss from Carols story. $3.99


Batgirl #43

For me there are multiple reasons to support this book and one of them sadly is the loss of Yvonne Craig just last week so I'll be picking it up in memory of her portrayal of Batgirl. Fletcher, Stewart and Tarr have also with a couple hiccups have been writing what has been a pretty enjoyable if wildly different take on Barbara Gordon and often the real joy of this book is seeing Babbs Tarr's artwork. This issue brings a different Gotham ensamble to Burnside as well as hopefully expand on the reveal from last issue and the growth of Babbs new partner in crime-fighting. With any shift in creative team there are changes some don't want to follow and I understand that some people are still holding on to other interpretations and that's cool actually I loved Gail Simone's Birds of Prey and Oracle from way back in Suicide Squad forward and well this is pretty cool too... I'm giving it a go... $2.99


East of West #20

This is a book that I dip into and out of as I love aspects of the world Hickmann and Dragotta created and the mixture of the old west, the far future and old one style weird occult powers calls to me. I think this series reads better in large chunks and don't often get single issues but this one has my attention as it will be the first story fully focused on the Endless Nation and as Crow and Wolf are the characters that keep me coming back well I have to dip back in again. This is one of those post apocalyptic books that really does embrace the self serving nature of man and looks both at our virtues and our ugliness. Anywho it's my kind of existential personal exploration. $3.50


Cyborg #2

Victor Stone though a member of the Justice League I think has not really had the focus on him enough in the post flashpoint DC universe. The first issue of David F. Walker's series did a good job establishing the groundwork for people who do not know all of Victor's past and though I miss the Victor and Gar show from the old New Teen Titans as with Batgirl I'm a trying to roll with the change. I'm exited to have one of my old favorite characters back in the spotlight and to have a writer that has the life experience to write the character authentically I'm very exited about what future issues hold. Ivan Reis has become such an excellent artist since his days at Marvel in the ninties....$2.99


So that beings me to just under eighteen dollars for this week and though there are other tempting things I'm kinda thinking I'm keeping it to these...

Wayward Vol 2

My choice for the trade collection this week is Jim Zub and Steve Cummings second volley from their Japanese supernatural comic Wayward. This volume expands the cast one more with a girl who's body takes on the appearance and properties of ingorganic matter she touches a bit like marvels Absorbing Man and expands our knowledge of the cast by actually revealing a lot about who and or what they are before bringing them back together to take a stand against the powers of the past in Japan. All the descriptive back matter they have included in the issues will sadly not be include so if you want more then just the story you may want to wait for the very attractive hardcover coming in October. Steve's backgrounds to me are greatly reminiscent of watching Japanese animation and are in addition to being stunningly intricate pretty genuinely Japanese. $14.99


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