Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trade Waiting Tuesday Aug 2 2016

I don't do this often enough as thee have been some great books lately so this week I'll be doing a bit of catch up and if your like me you have a bit of room to play this week.

Monstress Vol 1 Awakening

I tried to post about this the week it came out but I found myself gushing embarrassingly as I love this book loads. Marjorie Liu and Sana Takada together have created a fantasy world and cast that is deep and richly detailed in art story and history and a book that reveals itself without being info dump-y. The elevator pitch a multicultural steampunk fantasy post war tale involving Kaiju was exiteling enough without the brilliant realization and delivery in a book where the brilliant covers are an accurate depiction of the interior art. In interviews Marjorie talked about being inspired by her family history in the wake of the Japanese occupation of China and the strength of the women in her family and that passion shows in the story, she also talked about Sana's input and impact on the development of the story so it's a true collaboration between them. Ok perhaps I'm starting to squee a bit much but it is a gorgeous book that will please many fantasy readers particularly fans of books like Naomi Novik's recent novel Uprooted. Monstress delivered better on its promises then many fantasy stories I have read and drifted away from over time. It's also only $9.99.


Blue Monday Vol 1 The Kids are Alright

I'm not going to say when this initially came out but I remember picking up the initial run as it hit the shelves as the high school rock and roll influenced drama really clicked with me as a fan of so much of the same music. Chyana Clugston Flores who did this interview last week when the book got re-released colored by Jordie Bellaire talked a lot about the influences behind the book including Archie books and the manga Maison Ikkoku by Runiko Takahash. She went on to talk about why doing a high school drama appealed to her then and why it's still so topical now in a market still so flooded with spandex slugfests and big event books. I recall it quite fondly and am like to pick it up this week for me it's a bit of nostalgia and a chance to reread something that I had given away a while back and forgot how much I liked it. Also like Monstress it's priced at $9.99


Shutter Vol 4 All Roads

I have to be honest I'm issues behind but what I have read of this volume Joe, Leila Owen and John have begun to reveal things about Kate we didn't previously know. The initial story arcs throw us headlong into the journey of discovery Kate started out on when she learned she was no her fathers only child or even his first child. We recently learned that this is the second to last story arc the final one will be longer and will start in the fall. I've loved this story and all its various reveals and shock sand will miss it when it's over. If you don't know about Shutter if you think an adult version of the globe trotting adventures aka Tin Tin but ninety percent more fantastic elements like dinosaurs, dragons, talking animals, conscious Kat alarmclocks and ninja ghosts and... Perhaps you get the picture. The book is amazingly meta where it comes to storytelling and is really very heartfelt. I will sorely miss it once it's gone. It's $14.99 gorgeously illustrated and colored. Oh no I think I'm beginning to do it again so I'll let it go and say it's among my favorite books.


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