Monday, August 8, 2016

Comics Pull List August 10 2016

I've been getting more hits lately so thank you if your reading my pull oust suggestions... I do this weekly trying to keep to a twenty dollar budget and look towards titles that may just be not getting that much press around the sites I look at. This is the second week where I know I will have space in my list for a bit of experimentation so if you live something I'm missing drop me a line. Again thanks for reading.


Another Castle 4 $3.99

I've been missing Pauline Ganucheau's art since the end of Zodiac Starforce and I'm so happy that we're getting an issue of Another Castle and it's alternate take on fairytale princess tropes. I love books like this one that deliver much more then what I was expecting based on the previews. What I expected to be a humorous take on the Pincess as hero for herself has emerged as a book with multiple characters with their own stakes and agency and one that takes a real look at the fact that happily ever after only happens in stories. It heartening the aspects of conscience and character that Andrew and Paulina have actually explored through the typical heroes the "evil" minions, who are probably my favorite characters, even the villain of the piece in complicated. It's a really good book and though it's near over with next issue being the last its well worth checking out to see if it's your kind of thing; Pinceless with a different twist perhaps for an older audience. All that and it's illustrated so appealingly by Paulina too.

Girl over Paris 2 $2.99

My local comic shop is still waiting on issue one so I can't say from personal experience yet if this is everything I suspect it to be. I will say again what I did about issue one though with the creative team of Kate Leth and Ming Doyle joining Gwenda Bond it's sure to be a good read. Focusing on one of her characters from her YA novel and her attempt to do a wire routine involving the Eiffel Tower that gets the attention of a mysterious ghostly figure the Harlequin this is a book I think should be pretty fitting to my comic tastes. I have to hope that Kate and Ming don't let me down but I'm pretty confident in their ability to tell a great involving tale.

Black Panther 5 $3.99

When I say the list I thought wait what didn't we just get a Black Panther issue and had forgotten this second arc is being illustrated by Chris Sprouse who happens to be another favorite artist I've not seen of late. I recall Chris from his work with Alan Moore on Tom Strong and his pretty amazing run on Legion of Superheroes; he dreams great action and is quite a storyteller so he will be a good addition to the book till Brian can return. With open rebellion and war happening in Wakanda and the final quote in issue 4 I suspect things to get serious but with Ta-Nehisi writing this I suspect that the serious we get to be not the usual thing, the standard expected slugfest. I suspect we will be seeing much more of the after effects and the fallout of violence then the pyrotechnics and pomp. The Wakanda area of the Marvel universe we know is getting another book soon and that can only be a good thing; as readers we see far too much of New York and such when there is such a bigger world to explore out there.

Lumberjanes Gotham Academy 3 $3.99

Chynna Clugson Flores who created Blue Monday that I mentioned last week which I loved years ago when it came out get the opportunity to write this crossover between these two loved books. Rosemary Valero-O'Connel who is doing the art is an unfamiliar name but her art is really appealing when I flipped through the book and convinced me between the two to grab the first two issues having been a reader of both series. Both of the books have that same spooky mystic thing going on in them so why the hell not bring these two casts together; this is one of those times a crossover makes total sense to me especially given the writer is someone who I think totally gets what makes for good comics.


There is one other book out there I'll probably be getting that will put me at about 20 ... It's a little book that costs $4.99 called All Star Batman but I suspect it doesn't need much of a signal boost


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