Monday, November 28, 2016

Wanted Nov 30 2016 aka my Comics pull list...

Well this may be a pretty slim shipping week according to the owner of my FLCS but for me it's a full on damn amazing group of books. It also looks to be a week where I'll make it within my twenty dollar budget. All the books on my list this week quite honestly the ones that I should use as a benchmark for what a 3.99 book should be and how exited I am when they are coming up in the shipment. The week also sees the publication of the second PaperGirls Trade that if you missed the monthlies you shoul treat yourself to.


Romulus 2 $3.99

I've heard both Bryan Edward Hill and Nelson Blake II interviewed separately on the IWord and together on Black Comics Chat; they now full on rate as some of my favorite comic creators because of what they had to say in general and their commitment to the comic medium. Romulus 1 impressed me story and art wise on my first read and I was for sure a fan but on a second deeper read Bryan and Nelson quite literally brought me to tears with the depth of emotion and feeling I got from some of the events in the story. Romulus is a modern kick ass action story following the revenge story of an assassin fighting against the secret society that trained and raised and then asked a bit too much of her and her guardian. It's one that I know I'd be kicking myself in a few months if I'd missed it in favor of something else. (Oh and go listen to their amazing interview here on BlackComicsChat it quite honestly gave me hope in these sometimes hopeless days)

Monstress 8 $3.99

Marjorie and Sana's brilliant beautiful fantasy horror Monstress is one of the book I look at and wonder how many crazy hours have gone into it. Sana Takada who handles all of the art chores creates pages that are not only amazing to look at but have an amazing depth of detail and character. Monstress as I'm sure I have said before is a fantasy book for people who want more then another western style book about magic and Knights. Even the word choice in the story appears to be very carefully chosen to tell just how different, non western non patriarchial this world is.

Shutter 24

In the aftermath of issue 22 no one of the surviving characters came out unscarred and the fantastic world if Shutter became outwardly a much darker foreboding place. Huckleberry turned out to be a much more complicated mixed bag of a character and more interesting because of it during her time in the book and I'm exited to see her story told in more depth. As ever I know that Joe Keating Leila Del Duca Owen Geini and John Workman have more in store then I could ever guess so I'm just looking forward to seeing more as this final story arc unfolds. The creators behind this book play a lot with the comic medium playing with different storytelling styles from across the history of comics and from various countries so it's always interesting how they tell the story as well as the story itself. I'll be very sad when it's all over to be honest.


This week also sees a new Ghost Rider book from Filipe Smithand the release of the DC New Talent Showcase which I've heard some interesting things about and because I have some cash leeway I'm likely to try something new or thatnive missed.

Somehow I missed this when looking through the list


The Skeptics 2 $3.99

Tini Howard and Devaki Neogi trip back to the sixties Cold War and an "arms" race to develope and train psychics between the US and the USSR. Mary and Max and their "teacher", the "subjects" for the US program, happen to the scamming the government so it may be interesting if the USSR subjects are the real deal. I very much enjoyed the feel of the opening issue in this four issue story, Devaki has an art style that really captures the feel of the comics of the era.


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