Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wanted November 16 2016 aka Comics Pull List

I'll be honest this last week has seemed to have lasted a year to me but I'll leave my outrage at my fellow Americans aside to celebrate the art form I love for at least the time it takes me to write this column. So if this is for first visits I do a weekly commentary on the books I'm buying kinda keeping to a budget of twenty dollars where I can. It will be pretty obvious but I think all the things we choose to support are kind of indicative of who we are as people. To me it's now even more important the creative people behind these books...

Black Panther 8 $3.99

The complex personal stories being told by Ta-Nehisi Coates about T'Challa his family and his people continue as Black Panther and Manifold attempt to rescue his sister. Coates has created a truly wonderful Afro-futurist corner of the marvel universe built on the foundations left by Kirby, McGregor, Priest, Hudlin to name a scant few that helped build the history of the character and Wakanda. To me it's great to have titles who's mythology is not built on Western European mythology and traditions. The story mixes the complexities of dealing with being the head of a state pretty seemelesly with a deep family drama and some pretty great superhero action that has little to do with the usual suspects of comics. Between Brain Stalfreese Chris Sprouse and Carl Story with colors by The book USA real joy to look at too.

Spell on Wheels 2 $3.99

From Afro-futurism to urban fantasy we go. Taste in humor can be very personal and Kate Leth for sure appeals to my taste in humor and storytelling and I just wish I had had the time this last month to read issue 1. So what can I say other then mention that it's a book that mixes a road trip and vengeance story with three witches who are all very different from their look and style to the forms of magic that are theirs. I'm happy ill have two to read when I get to it as I need a fun trippy break from the horror show real life sometimes looks like. I will also add that the artwork by Megan Levens and Marissa Louise is so damn pretty too.


Southern Cross 9 $3.99

Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger's horror police procedural set on Titan has effectively won my heart eventough my favorite characters seem to be gone away. Andy Belanger's art has just the right mood and atmosphere created by his dark inks and pages to set that original Aliens/Outland kind of rusted worker space kind of tale. Becky can for sure spin a great tension filled creepy weird tale and when you add Lee Loughbridge as colorist it's a combination that Ridley Scott I'm sure would envy.




Slam 1 $3.99

So I mentioned this last week incorrectly so I'll repost it here today and say I'm looking forward to it even more now as I truely need great books and the little I have seen this is pretty damn great. There are three pages up at Comicosity and they I hope really set the tone and feeling of the book...I knew I love the artists work and it's great to know that the writing has some real feeling to it right on the first page.


And for once it looks like I'm firmly under budget so I can check out books like Horizon 4, Cave Carson 2 ( issue one I happen to have really liked a lot by the by) and get the new Silk as the new artist looks pretty cool too.




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