Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wanted November 2 2016 aka Comics Pull list

Welcome to the first November edition of my weekly Pull List post and for now at least a return of the Waned title line mainly because I kind of liked it. Anyway this is my weekly share of the books I plan to pick up and try to keep to a budget of twenty dollars which sometimes is a bit of a struggle...


Bitch Planet 9 $3.99

So first off it's important in the world right now to prevent a horrible future please go and Vote. Bitch Planet takes a while to come out and delivers in ways that merit the wait from the story itself to the amazing backmatter essays. The BS last week that happened to Chelsea Cain proved all the more that books like this that full on takes to task the misogyny so prevelent in out world and in comics (oh yes in comics from the industry to the rabid sad puppy fans) is something we very much need. Though you can see the NC designation and this books as satire it's pretty evident it's not as far from reality as some people may thing. The people who create this book point to the real ills out there through this grind-house cinema trope filled story about a woman's prison in space and the horrors committed by a patriarchial oligarchy that takes itself far too seriously. Um I think I may have revealed my feminist agenda with that but I do so love this book.

Shade the Changeing Girl 2 $3.99

So last issue gave us the fan of Rac Shade who got a hold of his madness vest as trench and took up residence in a vacant human body on earth where his amazing weird adventures took place. The first chapter gave us just enough drama and weird to hook me and make me want to see more as well as making me wish I still had all the Milligan issues again as I don't think I remember them as well as I though. The girl our hero inhabits was a bit of a mean girl it appears and no one really wants her to be back it seems so out new Shade may have to prove her worth to both the characters in her life and to us the readers who really want to love this book.

Occupy Avengers 1 $3.99

Anyone who read this knows David F Walker is one of my favorite writers and he is one of the writers who's books I will just buy without flipping through. Occupy Avengers is at least going to start as a team up between. Hawkeye (Clint Barton) and Red Wolf and strikes me as a modern take on the old Denny Oneill and Neal Adams Hard Traveling heroes or to say it a little more pointedly SJW's. David Walker is not shy about making books that are topical and hard hitting and given there was a SJW Hawkeye book that succeeded a year or so back this may be just the book those missing Matt Fraction's take on him or those already missing Nighthawk to substitute on their pull. I don't get many Marvel books anymore but books like this will make my list. Oh and Carlos Pacheco on the art makes this one of those books that will look really great...I've been missing his art so I'm happy he's on a book I want.


Mayday 1 $3.99

Alex De Campi takes us back to the early seventies with two Russians "agents" sent to the US to kill a defector, and as with all the best stories they start when everything goes horribly awry. Stuck in the US now two very different people come to rely on one another to survive until they can find their contact to get out. Alex is not concerned with the action end of things but with the ways we survive in the age of horrible events. Alex has a proven record of writing great suspense spy dramas going back to Smoke/Ash that Dark Horse published several years back. Mayday promises to tap into personal morality and Cold War paranoia if your wanting a story that doesn't flinch or take the easy way out this is one to look at.

Jade Street Protection Service 2 $3.99

I posted this up months back when it was originally supposed to be out and get to post about Katy Rex's take on a magical girls school story again. Jade Street 1 was enthusiastically received as a great new take on the Magical Girl / Macial School story that has style, action and a great sense of humor brought to us by Katy Rex, the editor of Kim&Kim artist Fabian Lelay and edited by Mag's Vissagio. The girls are brought together by mutual trips to detention that leads to them discovering a secret that binds them together in a kind of Breakfast Club sort of way with magical powers and sparkly costume changes. I've so happy it's on the way finally.


the Wicked + the Divine 23 $3.50

So the last issue left Kieron Gullen and Kevin McKelvie with a status quo much changed and this arc looks to be another change of pace with guest artists coming on for at least parts of the story. Kevin Wada who does so many brilliant beautiful fashion influenced superhero illustrations on his tumblr and Twitter accounts I know that this book is going to look a treat no matter where the story takes us. For the initiated the Wicked + the Divine follows the lives of a group of mortals who have gained the powers of iconic gods from various pantheons and like replicants have a very limited life expectancy...now the question is are those the real facts about their new lives or not.

Animosity 3 $3.99

Ok just this weekend Marguerite Bennett posted that no one is safe in this book and that is early in the run to make that ominous statement. Animosity is a book that is one part talking animals and one part an apocalyptic uprising. Issues one and two were quite well paced and have been very unsettling as the world status quo had been toppled by animals demanding their fair share of the planet we co-inhabit.


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