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Comics Pull List Oct 26 2016

Hello everyone, like last week this week sees the end to a couple of my favorite books and though picking up the last issue as your first is unlikely I put them right at the top of my long long list of spoiled choices for this weeks pile. Twenty dollars is the target I'm shooting to keep my pull list to but as this week has so many good books coming I'm going to put some alternates at the bottom as well I know I will break budget this week but I'm going to pretend I'm not.


Nighthawk 6 $3.99

So last week was the premature end of the weird super spy book Mockingbird and now we lose the great street level vigilante duo in Nighthawk. What can I say about this David F Walker joint other then it was unrelenting in ireflecting modern day issues in our truly divided present. He Ramon Villalobos and Tamara Bonvillain put together a book worth that cover price to my comics tastes, one that delivered drama and violence with a social conscience in great style. I'm happy we got these half dozen issues of this and as always reccomend it without reservations. (Oh and January solicitations more then kinda hinted an appearance in Occupy Avengers so preorder that this week too if your me)

Kim & Kim 4 $3.99

Magdalene, Eva and Claudia created a story of a great supportive friendship against a brilliantly colored inter dimensional bounty hunter road story backdrop. Eva's art seems a bit manga/Japanese anime influenced but through her style of facial expressions, her storytelling and Claudias bright colors make reading Kim&Kim truly its own kind of thing. Mag's story is unapologetically inclusive yet no one is merely a "representation" of their "thing" but fully formed regardless of their time in panel in this very compact story. Anyone who thinks writing comics is easy should read books like this and try to figure out how these women have manage to pack so layered a sport into so few a pages. Kim&Kim is alternately funny and pithy and really willing to go that extra mile for your comics dollar. A book to measure other by really.

The Skeptics 1 $3.99

Some people have a sentimental streak when they look towards the past and the time of their parents or grandparents sometimes so this sidelong look at the Cold War 1960's hopefully will ruffle some rose tinted glasses wearers. The arms race supposedly included attempts to develope psychics to fight the enemy (re:Stranger Things most recently) and this story by Tini Howard who is very cool to follow on Twitter and her artistic partner Devaki Neogi make that a sort of reality in their story that posits that the soviet a succeed and the US has to respond in kind. I have hopes for this to be a great weird science X files-ish take on spy stories. As the title is the Skeptics and the solicit references illusionists and grifters I have a feeling everything even behind the story might not be all it may seem but I'm really looking forward to this one.


Descender 16 $2.99

"DRILLER A KILLA."other then that and it's going to be gorgeously watercolor painted by the ever amazing Dustin Nguyen what more would you need to know. This is the final issue in the fill in on the background cast arc and they have saved one of my favorites to hit till last. Don't know exactly what to expect by I have always clearly heard DRILLER's voice in my head since their appearance (ok, you go ahead and gender them if you like but I'm not taking that chance with their attitude towards fleshies)

Postal 16 $3.99

Bryan Edward Hill's comment on several podcasts about his intent to give four or more dollars worth of comic when one costs that much pretty much rings true to me. I have read a spare few issued of Postal as of yet and I have to say he and his fellow cretors here do damn well deliver with this various shades of grey book. Any fans of the HBO shows The Wire or Deadwood and their deep portrayals of diverse shades of morality or stories that really don't have a villain per se would do well by themselves be checking out Postal. I would favorably compare Bryan to David Walker in terms of not pulling punches; the cover here makes me really wonder what is coming down the road in this issue but it's sure to be quality story and art.

Wayward 17 $3.99

So this is not the standard cover but I had to include Sana Takada's amazing alternate for Wayward 17 here. Last issue was about Rory and Ayane (yeah) finding themselves in Ireland in the wake of the bid battle in issue 15 and here we'll get some of the fallout in Japan and it's been a long wait as I happen to like and care about all the cast of the book. As with Shutter Wayward is a bit hard to describe in few words but if you think of it as a Japanese myth version of American Gods but with manga tropes and yokai mixed liberally you get a bit of an idea of the modern myth making Jim Zub and Steven Cummings are playing at.

And because there are so many good books I'm including a few alternate choices that I pretty much know I'll be borrowing from next weeks/months budget to buy.

ODY-C 12 $3.99

Not so much an alternate as it is a do I get it now or next week book Ody-C is something like many books I enjoy would love to reccomend with no reservations but well as this is a book that I'm sure will confuse some and possibly offend others I am hesitant. Matt Fraction is reselling the disastrous homecoming of Gamem (Agamemnon) and the tragedy that follows by way of all things using limerick for his epic poetry format. Christian Ward as ever is outdowing himself on the art chores and there is no other book that actually credits the flatter as of yet.

Vigilante Southland 1 $3.99

Vigilante is one of the eighties characters I'm surprised has had so few attempted remakes over time, introduced in New Teen Titans a kind of mix of Punisher and Daredevil his book was really rooted in that time and atmosphere. This re-imagined take moves our new street level hero to S.E. LA area and though I fear a frindgeing may be in his origin Gary Phillips promises to have some strong modern activist themes running through this book. He himself has been a activist and though his hero is not politically motivated initially it sounds like Vigilante may be a good companion book to Nighthawk or at least that is a bit of what I hope for.


Mae 6 $3.99

If I was not picking up Mar to further support this creation of Gene Ha which I'm so happy he's getting to expand on this issue is being at least partially if not fully illustrated by Paulina Ganucheau who I count among my favorite artists (ok yes I have a lot of them but...). I don't mind her guest artisting in this issue because of the absolutely crazy amount of detailed panels in issue 5 as Gene needs a bit of a break after that. This story will be a flashback to Abby's time as the lone heroine before including her sister in her current adventures into the world next door. Gene leaves a lot of the elements of his fantastical world to the art to define so there is always a lot to discover about the story, Mae becomes richer with each time I read it again.


There is so much I didn't post about including MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur which I love, Ultimates 12 with more Galactus, Wonder Woman 75th and regular bi weekly issue, Saga, and Seven to Eternity all of which I kind of want too.


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