Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Comics Pull List Oct 5 2016

This is the week that so many big name books are hitting like NOW Champions and Jessica Jones, or the Death of X some of the less high profile may just get lost among the mix and there are several great trades coming out too so there's lots of teasons to head to your FLCS on Wednesday. As ever I'm going to try to keep my main list to a reasonable twenty dollars. I'm also posting up my inktober posts and I hope no one minds as I'm trying to actually do it this year and hope to get a habit formed.


Black 1 $3.99

Black is a story about a black kid gunned down by the police and comes back to life to find he's got superpowers. It's a book by Kwanza Osajeyefo and Jamal Igle that I first became aware of via Kickstarter and was one of several I backed this last winter and am looking forward to seeing the book. I'm really overjoyed that Black Mask is publishing this as a monthly and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting those while I wait for the collected book to arrive. The pages I've seen look amazing and I can't wait to read this book I expect to ruffle some feathers out there in a Bitch Planet kind of way.

No Mercy 10 $3.99

Alex De Campi writes books that are interested in how her characters live with the events of their lives and often how f'ed up people can be to one another. This is one of the rare books out there as its writen illustrated and colored by women and like Black I think wants to open readers to a wider world, make us ask why the hell things are like this and maybe like issue 9 make us both sad and angry about things that just happen to be real. What started as a book about a post high school trip to Mexico gone horribly awry has delved into spaces I didn't expect and I'm curious where Carla, Alex and Jenn are taking us now.

Romulus 1 $3.99

Anyone not reading Postal regular and missing out on the storytelling prowess of Bryan Hill (listen to him here on Black Comics Chat) as I have been till just recently should take a look at this ancient conspiracy book. Bryan and his collaborator Nelson Blake II take the woman assassin trope that is all so popular at Marvel and pit her against the society that trained her. The names behind this book might be unknown to some at the moment but with Postal possibly hitting the small screen and the drive behind the artist of the book (listen to him here on the iWord) is suspect and hope that will change. Bryan writes pretty tight character driven action stories so I know this will be worth a look.

Shade the Changing Girl 1 $3.99

Other then that I can say I like the art style of Marley Zarcone who was the artist in the book Effigy a while back and the fact that Shade by Peter Milligan was one of my favorite books of the early vertigo era and the character was a favorite from back in the Suicide Squad I can only say I have hopes that this is as crazy and weird a book as possible. Sadly I can't say much about writer Cecil Castellucci who has done a couple of Wonder Woman stories but knowing they have fourth pages to introduce this version of the crazy Metan hero I can say I have to pick up at least a couple issues to see what they got.

PaperGirls 10 $3.99

And it seems I've got a bit of a theme going on as this is a weird book too staring some great female characters in the time displaced PaperGirls. This book as I may have said last month tapped into the eighties horror vibe before Stranger Things hit but I think this would be the perfect book for fans of the show to grab as I could see this creative team doing an El(even) book. Brian K Vaughan seems the kind of writer who has a definate idea what his stories are about and I have to say that though I am invested in this book and it's cast I have no clue what the overarching story for PaperGirls is... is it a time travel book is it SF at all or is it something else; what I can say is that it's cast have me in their corner and I want to know what happens to them. I can add now that apparently I'm an issue behind as a quick look at number 9 tells me I have yet to read it. I'll get back to you on this oh and .... still time travel or something, I love not knowing for sure.


InSexts 8 $3.99

So have you read the previous story all the way through, there is a trade if you missed the issues of this Victorian body horror story worthy of Cronenberg and John Carpenter in equal measure. Marguerite Bennett I will say it again is probably my favorite newish comics writer who has yet to dissapoint me joining the likes of Kelly Sue Deconnick and Dabid F Walker in my list of just pick it up books. The cover of this one would make me pick it up for a flip through if is never seen the book before as it looks a great mix of multiple mythologies. Anywho InSexts is the Aftershock I happen to love and can't wait to see where new the book will head.



Bounty 4 $3.99

I add this SF bounty hunter free for all story because I happen to adore the art style of Mindy Lee more then I am angry and dissapoint end with the writers treatment of a couple of my favorite comics creators and want to send her some support. I will be honest i happen to give Bounty's cast its due I actually like the book despite said I mentioned conflict above and think the book is actually pretty damn fun, it's not Kim &Kim but it is pretty good actually and is a worthy addition to the reminds me of the Dirty Pair and Coyboy Be-bop list of books so if they were your thing pick both this and the Kim's up


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