Thursday, October 6, 2016

Trade Waiting Oct 5 2016

Every week there are original graphic novels and collections that are worth looking at and this week there are actually several that are in my opinion socially revavent and should be on people's radar.

She Changed Comics (CBLDF book) $14.99

Betsy Gomez pulled together the stories for this look at the women who have over the course of comics history have struggled to make the medium something that speaks for them. She looked at work from editorial cartoons, newspaper comic strips and what most fans think of as comic books wether they be periodicals, graphic novels or manga and the women that most people have not heard of before who created them. The David Brothers of iWord podcast interviewed her here; it's one that if your a comics fan you should hear and it's a book that reveals a history I'm sad to saying I'm fairly unfamiliar with prior to the women who have worked in comics since the eighties. Buying this book also helps the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund which defends creators and retailers from wrongful prosecution and someone wh obviously loves the comic book medium.




The Secret Loves of Geek Girls $14.99

Hope Nicholson has run a number of successful Kickstarter campaigns for anthologies and reprints she has curated and this is the first one that I became aware of. The creators represents in it assured my support as they tange from luminaries like Margaret Atwood, Trina Robbins and Roberta Gregory to some of my current favorites like Margueritte Bennett, Jen Bartel and Sam Maggs. The Dark Horse Comics version looks to include some extras like the forward by the amazing Kelly Sue Deconnick and I think there is supposed to be a Marjorie Liu piece in it too. Eventhough I own the original I will likely pony up for this as well some thing are worth buying twice maybe.

Thought Bubble Anthology $9.99

If I had the funds the comic convention I would spurge to attend would be Thought Bubble; it would entail flying to England and a bit of an expensive hotel stay but damn the guest list is usually a map of lots of my favorite people in the comics industry. The yearly collections are snippets from their work and usually kids bargain priced given the contents. This is a collection across the years of the book and the profits go to support a worthy UK charity to boot. Good intentions aside the contents is something your should check out as its pretty stellar and it's way to feel connected without the lengthy plane flight.


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