Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wanted November 23 2016 aka Comics Pull List

Five Wednesday months then leave me a couple of weeks that are actually under budget and this is another of those as I only have a couple of books coming that I know I'm supporting. This week I have some space in my comics budget of twenty dollars that I really should keep till next week but I may go get some of the books I've overlooked.


Wayward 18 $3.99

One of the first cartoons I remember loving was Speed Racer and since I was a child I have had a deep affection for the comics, animation and things Japanese in general so Wayward with its Japanese influences is something I'm glad has seemed to found an audience. Rory and Ayane are stuck in Ireland and from the looks of the cover the spirits of the so called elerald isle do not look too pleased. Urban Fantasy in the US is largely centered on the traditions of Western Europe and for me it's great to see creators not only use eastern traditions but do so with a great amount of knowledge and reverence. Wayward is a book for people who love mythology action and not just a little bit of mystery as I'm again not sure where things are going but I'm happy to take the trip which these characters I've come to love.

Jem and The Holograms 21 $3.99

Meredith has been killing it in the art in the book to be quite honest but as a fan of her own book Hinges from image I think I may just be a bit bias here. Given the very open line qualit of her style I often really impressed with the amount and depth of expression her characters faces have, they can goofy to heartbreaking between panels and I buy it all willingly. Kelly Thompson has been so lucky with the artists she has been paired with for this book.

Ultimates 2 1 $3.99

Though I have not liked a lot of the direction Marvel has been taking Captain Marvel in lately Al Ewing has been writing some truely brilliant weird cosmic level comics in Ultimates and as long as he's doing this book I'll likely pick it up. He's taken the interesting fixture of the Marvel Universe Galactus and made him into more then just a personified force of nature. All the players in this book are given a chance to have a say of their own and have real agency in the story and I'm hoping as some have their own books to shine in that Spectrum and the Blue Marvel are given more of a center stage along with the big now gold and white Kirby creation.


MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 13 $3.99

So yeah the big thing about this issue isthmus reveal that Lunella is the smartest person (not just girl) in the Marvel Universe and that says a lot given the sheer number of true creative geniuses that exist in it. This is the Marvel book that I go to when I need a lot of heart and feeling in the storytelling and I'm so happy that Amy, Brandon, Natasha and Tamara are getting to tell these stories that are not all gloom and doom as we need some hope in our hero tales. I'm also so happy that it's a small week as I'll get to catch up on this book as I'm an issue behind. Lunella is going to be seeing a lot of the Marvl regulars in the near future too so there will be more fun to look forward to I'm thinking for this bright girl and her red dinosaur pal.



A.D. After Death 1 $5.99

So though I like Scott Snyder as a storyteller about as much as I like Jeff Lemire as a storyteller so putting them together on a book about the aftermath of the end of Death would seem to be something I'd immidately go for but I was on the fence as I'm spending kind of more then I want to support all the people want to these days. What tips it for me and makes me add it to my list at the last minute is the fact that proceeds are going to the Creators for Creators fund that Image started this year and that is far too cool to pass up in my opinion. It's a fund that goes to aid new creators and I'm well all about that as I hope to be one someday even at this late date in my life.


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