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Wanted November 9 2016 Comics Pull List

Nope not going to mention the obvious things that may be on people's minds (given the day I'm posting this) I'm just here to talk comics I'm picking up today and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum. Anyway try as I kght to keep this weeks list to twenty dollars I'm afraid it pretty much is assured to go over given two or three of this weeks books. I'll not babble on as I have a lot to say about a couple of these books and a suggestion to add to your pull list.


World of Wakanda 1 $4.99

This is the kind of book I look forward to; the kind that expands on the people and settings I've been reading about letting them take the stage for a while. Though I'm sad Marvel didn't look to any of the excellent women of color already writing independent and web comics I was truly exited when essayist Roxane Gay and award winning poet Yona Harvey were named to be creating Thai book with some guidance from Black Panther's current writer Ta-Nehisi Coates.The announcement at SDCC of this book of the writers made it a must for me even before the amazing art team of Afua Richardson who will work with Yona on the origin story for the rebel leader Zeni and Alitha Martinez who will do the art for Roxane's look at the love story between the Midnight Angels who broke with the protectors of the T'challa and taken up the cause of the people. Like Black Panther, World of Wakanda is the kind of book that may hit an audience outside the usual suspects of comics fandom as its bringing new voices in to tell the stories and bring new readers into this unique storytelling artform. I'm exited to see what this book has to offer in terms of both voice and art and if the promise and how they expand on the stories of the rebel leader Zeni and the love story of the Midnight Angels.

No Mercy 11 $3.99

It's a real treat to have an issue of No Mercy out this week so soon after Mayday which was also written by Alex De Campi. No Mercy follows the fall out in the lives of a group of university students who's vacation in Mexico went horribly awry in the wake of a bus crash that they didn't all come back from. Alex is interested in stories that are not comfortable, predictable, or in some cases safe; No Mercy has presented death, loss, religious conversion therapy camps and drug cartels and that is a lot for anyone to contend with let alone people who are still teens for the most part. This book that explores trauma is beautifully illustrated by longtime independent comics creator Carla Speed McNeil and colored by the highly skilled Jenn Manley Lee and manages to go from visually visceral to drug-trippy weird as the last issue reminded us, this one I suspect will be more down to earth sinister.

Island 12 $7.99

Island is a pretty special book in my mind; it's a place where creators have free reign to tell the stories that they are passionate about and need not fit into any genre, niche or particular style. There have been issues I've loved more then others and stories that interest me more but I have also been introduced to storytellers I might not have checked out on my own. It's one of the book I got into without paging through it because the surprise as to what is in there is often half the joy of it for me. Marion Churchland who's art I've been sorely missing graces the cover of this issue telling a little story of its own.

Mother Panic 1 $3.99

Looks like I am succumbing to the lure of Gotham with this book by Jody Houser but at least it may get me up to speed for when Batwoman starts next year. Reading the three page preview that is out there Mother Panic feels a bit more angry post cyberpunk adult themed comic then the rest of the Batman Family but I think I forgot it's a Young Animal title for a fee sentences. Tommy Lee Edwards heavily inked pages and the darker muted color palet really set the time for this book and given the bright and optimistic stories I've seen from Jody so far I'm exited to see what this book has to offer as a different look at the Bat family's city. Young Animal has me getting three DC titles even if they reside in the weird spectrum of the universe we'll see if they can make that four.

PowerMan and Iron Fist 10 $3.99

So normally an issue of PM&IF would usually hit near the top of the list and its position indicates no loss of love for the title as all these books are somehow things I can't pass up. David F Walker handelded that marvel crossover quite well I thought given that lately I've taken to avoiding them. The events at the prison during that story have let out a lot of the street level crime element and looking at the cover I'm thinking we're heading into a gang war kind of tale with out heroes no so much for hire yet caught in the center. Sanford Greene is back fully with this story again and that makes me pretty happy as I enjoy his line work wether it's comics or his personal art.

Doom Patrol 3 $3.99

Ah well as with a couple of their books out there I'm not quite sure what the hell is happening in this story yet but I do like the shape it's beginning to take on looking back on the story so far. I am starting to like Casey and wonder what her encounter with Dannyworld will mean for her and her partner as well as what the hell is going on with Neagtive Man in this new incarnation. Gerald Way and Nick Derringtom have got me coming back for a third time to visit their weird space so perhaps you'll come with me to keep me company as I see if I can figure out what the hell is going on.

Slam 1 $3.99

As a kid there were two "sports" I enjoyed watching mainly because they connected me to my grandparents; with my grandfather I watched pre WWF professional wrestling and hence my love of Lucha libre today and with my grandmother it was Roller Derby so seeing this book, well, I have to have it. The art previews for the book I really liked the look of even before the solicit revealed that Veronica Fish would be the artist and well that really set the hook for me...I mean, look at the expression on the cover. Though I watched a fair share of Derby matches I don't really know much about how the sport works and kind of think of it as wrestling at speed on skates; I know there is much more to it but I guess it's that feeling that stuck with me from childhood. If I hadn't been waiting for this at least I'd have known about it as Roxane Gay posted to Twitter this last weekend about it so I suspect I'm in good company in picking this up.

These get me to just about 30 so that is not near as bad as I feared it would be for a week where not only Island arrives but also another night ticket item but I can not pass on the new Black Panther title.

This week also gives us Violent Love from Frank Barbiete and Victor Santos and. Glitterbomb 3, Wonder Woman 10, Mosiac 2, a new Gotham Academy and Allstar Batman from DC and I can't for get to mention Namesake by Steve Orlando that I hope my FLCS ordered. I may add a couple to my stack given I've gone over budget already.


And while your at your FLCS you may just want to add this book to your pull list...it's by the steampunk horror romance novelist Delilah S Dawson and drawn by Ashley A Woods who's been quite killing it on Niobe. It's a book coming from Boom called Ladycastle and the designs and preview illustrations look downright gorgeous...below is a bit of a teaser that got posted recently


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