Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dead-wood Pull List October 28 2015 (breaking the bank....)

This week keeping to any sort of budget is not at all likely but I will at least try to stay close to twenty and possibly list what else is pretty well of interest also.... There are books coming out to fit pretty much an comics reader/fan....

Island 4

Out of all the great books shipping this week this is he one I would single out as a must buy and I do so for the curation that Brandon Graham and Emma Rios have done on this anthology. Not many comics companies read ear none are trying to do unthemed anthologies like this and even though the price is high Island is a value because of page count and the fact there are no adds. This issue features work by Gael Bertrand, Farley Dalrymple and Brandon Graham himself and lie issues one two and three it's likely to be a rich and wonderful reading experience across a spectrum of style and story. I could post about the stories I loved in previous issues but honestly we could be getting stand alone stoies, new installments in previous ones, they could be prose with spot illustrations, could be black and white, red and white full colour, science fiction, fantasy, memoir but it's assured to be worth reading. $7.99


Power Up #4

If not for Island this would have hit the top of the list and be my must have as I have been loving Kate Leth's take on the magical girl genre. So the world is being invaded by some force from somewhere else and another force has bestoed power on some destined champions to protect the earth but their calculations see to have gone awry, perhaps. Ou chosen heroes include a one time athlete, a thirty something mother of two, a slacker college student and a goldfish. Power Up is a character driven story that is more a serious thing that the description might allude to and its characters are one I really want to know better. The art is beguilingly symplistic seeming but filled with some very subtle details.... And it's all very charming overall. $3.99


From Under Mountain #2

Issue one of From Under Mountain presented a fantasy story rich in details character and setting all aspects I've come to expect from books curated by Brandon Graham. This is the first book to really spin out of 8House as its related to that overall concept and given its diverse collection of creative talent it's has that feeling otherness that sometimes makes fantasy all the more fantastic. The artist for the series Sloane Leong that Davd Brothers interviewed on the I-word podcast a couple of weeks back talked about her inspirations, style and her desire to show a more diverse world view then is the usual for western comics. Her influences mainly come from Japanese manga which was more accessible to her when she was young. The story presents a different flavor of fantasy heros then usual. $2.99

Black Magick #1

Urban Fantasy at least for me seems to be making a bit of a comeback; with great and wildly different titles like Hexed, Wayward, and Gotham Academy readers seem to be kind of spoilt for choice. Greg Rucka is well established as a crime/police procedural writer so I trust this will fit the bill when it comes to my enjoyment for reading thriller with supernatural elements but the art, oh the art looks from all the previews to be a real treat with the covers matching the beauty of the inside. What else can I say about a book I have yet to read other then if supernatural influenced police procedural is enticing to you too this may just be your thing. $3.99

So that makes seventeen well practically eighteen as to make no difference but there is so much goodness left I'm just going to go on....


Ody -C # 8

Classic heroic literature recast as a gender flipped comic might be a bit of a stretch for some but Matt Fraction has proven himself up to the writing challenge over the last year in his revisioning of epic poems. I admit it may not be for everyone as some knowledge of the classics he riffs on helps but even with my hazy memory I have liked re-encountering the myths through his widely researched take on things. The art by Christian Ward is truly georgous his layouts and the colours play off of the narrative in ways most comics don't approach these days outside of the few painters out there right now.$3.99


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1

Ok I will be upfront about this I don't really like renumbering but at least this cover pokes appraise fun at the fact Doreen's book had been started and stopped and restarted in not so long. Anyway Marvel as a corporate entity makes these choices but they are really opening up their playground for a great variety of creators to play and I'm very happy that Ryan North and Erica Henderson are both back as the book would not be the one I came to love just a few months back. Squirrel Girl is one of the handful of superhero books right now that is both cannon for the universe and allowed to poke such fun at the whole genre itself joining the original Howard the Duck from way back as well as the new Duck title. It seems little has changed because of Secret Wars and that is a fine things as this is ever a fun satire of superheroes in all the right ways. $3.99


Angela Queen of Hel #1

Another book that was temporarily interrupted by Secret Wars to reignite, Angela like some of the others pick up stories that were not quite finished before the break. Sera we learned a lot about and through the first volume and to me was a bit of more interest then Angela and she won me over with her story telling and her story. Seems that even tough the story we learned was true the teller wasn't who we were lead to believe as Sera was actually in Hel. This volume takes Angela to Hel to rescue her love and will hopefully involve other bits of Hel stories he have heard over the corse of Thor and Journey into Mystery. The books has a great creative team and as wil other books this week I have hopes for it. $3.99



So that hits two more books and well there are yet more as Howling Commandos #1, Captain America Sam Wilsom #2, Rumble #8, Cyborg #4, Batgirl #45 and Adventure Time Spooktacular pto name just a few...


This week also sees the collection of David F Walker's Shaft series that told a prequel story to the classic from the seventies. Ernest Tidyman created Shaft and gave birth to what is kind of a cultural phenomenon as people who have never seen the original movie know of it and many can quote the opening theme by Issac Hayes. I have only read the first issue and it was petty great all on its own and I know this is something I must get ... There is more coming and well maybe it's time people talked about Shaft again as more comics readers should be talking about how good a writer David Walker is.... $19.99


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