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Dead-wood Dispatch Comic Pull List Oct 14 2015

So exited about many of the projects revealed last week that I know next year will be a tough one when it comes to composing these budgeted list... Powerman and Ironfist from David Walker and Sanford Greene as well as confirmation of Afua Richardson working for Marvel next year too. Anyway this week is a bit more sedate then last with its new Image and Marvel deluge. I put this pull list together with the idea I'm going to keep to a twenty dollar budget and start it off with my choice of must have and sometimes follow the list off with a suggestion of a OGN or trade collection to pick up if that is more your thing...

Ms Marvel # 19

So last month I was wrong when I wrote that issue 18 was the last issue as here is the final issue of this volume of Ms Marvel which has brought many people including me such joy for the last year and a half plus. G Willow Wilson has been writing a book that remind me of books I loved way back when I first got hooked on comics; books that made me care and feel genuine emotion and care about the characters beyond the mere adventure of the thing. Kamala Kahn embodies all of the things essential to make a great hero and they all come down to heart, everything she does she does with all of hers and does her damnedest to take care of the people both closest to her and those she doesn't know. Issue 18 delivered such a powerful, last page leaving me in tears that I thought it was the end but it's so great that we get just a bit more before the break till November and the new number one by the same great team. Well worth stopping by the shop on Wednesday and picking up. $2.99


The Wicked and the Divine #15

And so with the Pantheon we have circled back around to the goddess who graced one the many covers of issue one, Amatarasu and I have to wonder what secrets well be divulged in this that will enlighten us about this sun goddess. Ok I know bad pun but the Brits are so good at them I had to give it a go; anyhow the commercial suicide storyline which has been featuring amazing fill in art and revelatory stories continue with Stephanie Hans doing fill in art duties while McKevie is off doing his thing in Phonogram. I've no clue as to what this will be other then a bit of a magical mystery tour that is sure to shakeup us fans like the reveals about Tara and Woden, fucking Woden... If nothing else it's great mythology making and a great look at celebrity through a very interesting lens, with some very pretty art. $3.50


Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #3

Ok so last issue got one song bug stuck in my head and I caution you not to look at any of the words about this issue as that combined with the cover will be sure to do it again. Jamie and Kieron are doing it to us taking those of us that lived through the MTV era down memory land and proving that the magic of Phonomancy is in some way real as is its curse... I'm just glad they weren't anime fans at the time otherwise I'd be so screwed. Out heroine is stuck in a world she had cursed half herself to way back when and were getting to see her journey back as well as seeing the chaos the other her gets to unleash. It's very different from Wic + Div and it's so great to get two books from Gillen I'll be sorry when this paired run comes to a finish. Oh and don't wait for the collections this time about as with so many image books I'm loving the back matter for this one is well worth getting the individual issues right now. $3.99


Jen and the Holograms # 8

Connected to Phonogram in at least music and era references it is kind of fitting that this eighties animation reimagining fits well into this weeks list. Jem has been a real fun book to be getting in among my regular violence ridden drama as even with all the tech and pop it's more down to earth and about relateable stakes like relationships romantic and otherwise and moreover self realization and empowerment. Though it's not really connected to this story or this issue NYCC last week gave us a peek into the future and Sophie's return to the book in issue 11 and what looks to be a pretty cool dark story idea. Back to this story arc I'm looking forward to more exploration of character that is the heart of this book. $3.99


Switch #1

So I will be honest I did collect Witchblade back in its initial run and thought that it had promise beyond the sylish art but I lost interest over time as it went places I didn't really want to follow. I'm mostly interested in reading this from the creator standpoint as Stjepan Sejic is the only person behind this book. I like his sense of humor and well again as with the initial Witchblade book the art in the book I find very appealing. Stjepan has a pretty good history with being sole creator as on his own and I'm hoping this book will be a good bit of fun as I've seen from the preview pages. I'm inking I just giving it a try but I'm sure it will attract some attention this week.$3.99

Bringing my list just shy of nineteen dollars. Among the other tempting books of the week is Captain America Sam Wilson which I'm like to pick up too and there are a couple I'll look at too...



In terms of trades the one I'll point to that I may just buy as I don't have the individual issues is another joint from Stjepan and that is his heavy metal influenced gothic horror dark vs light story that displays all his style, humor and deft character and world creation. This will set you back just abo twenty dollars and as it includes eight issues all at once for an often delayed book it's nearly too attractive, take a peek it may be just the thing for October inspiration.


The other ill mention I have all the individual issues of but is equally as attractive but in a more brig and airy way is Jem and the Holograms volume one by Sophie Campbell and Kelly Thompson and also so well worth attention as its full of heart, creativity and subtle storytelling.


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