Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Pull List Oct 21 2015

This month is bookended with two huge weeks for the things I look forward to but last week and this week have some great books that people should check out... This is my weekly signal boost for books I love and think are worth picking up. Weekly I post a list thinking I'm keeping to a twenty dollar budget and these are my choices starti with what I consider a must have.

Shutter #16

Yes that is an Akira reference and doesn't Leile Del Duca do it magnificent justice, Cassius looks absolutely regal and I have real worries about my favorite Alarm Cat now. I can say quite honestly meeting both Joe and Leila and hearing them talk about this book and its development has only made me love it all the more. For anyone who is curious it's the world just outside your window only ninety percent stranger, full of weirdness right on the surface rather then burried and somewhere well worth visiting. Kate our hero is a one time adventurer from a family of them pulled back into the game by family she didn't know she had and involving mysteries she didn't know she was ever a part of. Shutter manages to be crazy wild and fantastical like a portal fantasy while remaining grounded to in locations and issues that anchor it in reality too. You could elevator pitch it using references like Tintin and Indiana Jones but Kate's story is so much more then that and those done capture any of the rich background cast or the fabulous setting. Like nothing else out there... Ok so I squee a bit about this one. $3.99

Tokyo Ghost #2

It's been a long time since the American Comic market had anything I would openly compare to Judge Dredd in terms of nihilistic tone and audacious violence but in the wake of the first issue of this book I think I have found something that fits the bill. The first issue set up the tone for this profane series that explores a future where life is openly cheap people live in a haze of technological addiction violence and depravity abounds and our heroine is one of the few non teched out ever distracted addicts. I finished the first issue really feeling for her and wanting for her to get her connection back to her lover and partner so between the cool art by Sean Murphey and Remenders storytelling I'm stuck in with this one. Appleseed and 2000AD fans check this. $3.50



Black Canary #5

Music and comics make my life better and oddly lately there has been a confluence between the two with titles like Jem, Phonogram, DMC and this marvelous little gem Black Canary. I may have serious misgivings about a lot of the changes DC made with the new 52 but I happen to love a few of them and this book is one of the best. Diane being a bad ass rocker traveling the country (hard traveling heroes style) with her band and getting into all kinds of Hunter S Thompson like mischief,ok maybe not like that, has been a great time. Over the corse of the four issues we got how she became part of the band and who she took he lead spot from and the fallout from that. The book has been lots of fun writing wise, the art UK Annie Wu fits it's tone and wow the colours by Lee Loughbridge do really rock. Pia Guerra who was the artist on Y the Last Man takes the art chores for this showdown issue and I'm looking forward to,what she brings to the book. This is not totally the Black Canary I loved back in the Green Arrow or Birds of Prey days but change is the only constant and I'll just roll along with this one as it's been a good one I think. $2.99


Gotham Academy #11

So it's field trip time to Gotham proper for Olive, Maps and the class at Gotham Academy... now I missed issue 10 which is something I regret and need to rectify but it solidified the fact that I very much do enjoy this book and should not have picked up whatever book I passed it over for. Becky Cloonan's feast take on the coming of age comic set in Batman's Gotham gracefully avoids costume heroics and just focuses of the drama and pratfalls of highschool with a pretty diverse cast and one that hints at a future group of characters we are likely to only get hints about. The book has some predictable guest appearances given the setting and its art is more reminiscent of watching animation and it's a pretty glorious thing at that. Why did I wait on issue 10 to see it vanish from my FLCS. $2,99

Karnak #1

I may have liked this character since reading about him in the Offical Handbook of the Marvel Universe and given he's a martial artist that is a call to like him more in my book. I'll be honest I'm on the fence when it comes to the current Inhumans story marvel is telling but given this is written by Ellis is pretty much on board at the mention of his name. Warren is no slouch at writing engaging edgy books that break molds and challenge the status quo and that is something I'm hoping for here. His run on Moon Knight was six of the best one shot stories I read in years and if I get a book half as good here I'll be happy. $3.99


And that does it for the week as my list hit the past seventeen dollar mark.... I'm likely to buy Captain America Sam Wilson to round out the week as I could not afford it last week....

Check back in next weeks as its a huge one and I will be hard pressed to make the hard choices...


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