Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comic Pull List Thanksgiving eve 2015

So welcome to my thoughts on what comics I plan to buy this week at a budget of twenty dollars with some additional thoughts on what collections I might pick up if I was leaning that way...

Ringside #1

I'm a pretty unashamed fanboy when it comes to the books Joe Keating writes wether they be superhero, magical realism or like this one ringside drama. On and off during my life I have been a fan of the squared circle that is the business of wrestling; I'm a second generation fan of sorts as my grandfather loved professional wrestling well before the age of its media hay day.i had the opportunity to talk to Joe himself about this at RCCC and got a real good feeling that this title would be the kind of onstage backstage drama and games with over the top combat that will be to my taste. I expect big personalities big egos wacky stories and well lots of good sports entertainment. Joe is a well apt storyteller who creates some truly memorable characters. Nick Barber is a new name to me so I can only say that his spare style reminds me of Michael Aron Oeming of Powers and The Victories. $3.99


Black Magick #2

The first issue established the down to earth tone of this magic infused police drama; it is the other side of the Doctor Strange coin as much of the inspiration for the Magick practiced is based on real Wicca. Greg Rucca is someone who has been writing hard boiled crime stories for the majority of his career and I terms of pacing and tension he did create that with his initial issue of this series quite well. The real revelation for me here was his teaming with Nicola Scott who's art I think I may have seen in the past but I don't think I have read a book she illustrated and she is good, really good at telling a story through her art and that is not always the case with art that has her sense of realism. So yeah if moody, realistic crime drama with occult overtones is attractive this is surely a book to look at if for Nicola' art alone with those amazing colours. $3.99


All New Wolverine #1

I picked up the first issue on a whim because I loved David Lopez's art and storytelling from Captain Marvel and his design for Laura is so very real looking. Tom Taylor is a writer I have been reading good things about but have never really sampled and I can only say that this book was one of the best I bought two weeks ago and that is saying a lot given how good some of my regular books were that week. Between the fast moving and well plotted action, the pretty witty banter and the emotional hotspots hit in the story I really feel that this book is something not to be missed as it captured somehow what made Logan stories work for me and it's when the character is more then just the best at what she/he does and this is that book $3.99

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1

Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclair are a known quantity to me as I happened to have picked up their Rocket Gril from image and that book even though it's pretty slow is always a fun read and well anything with a Kirby legacy will attract my attention. I have to say for the most part it's the odd and not the norm from Marvel that has been on my must have list recently and this fits the bill and sometimes have no preconceptions or expectations about something is pretty nice. I'm sure I know the audience that this is targeted at and I hope it finds it as more light and fun books with a different flavor are only a good thing for the grim and dark comics market. $3.99

Rumble #10

So after saying that about grim and dark books I add to my list Rumble which looks to fit that description pretty well. John Arcudi's someone who makes a blend of the dark with heart and humor that lift the tone of what might be a one note idea in someone else's hands. Rumble takes the Hellboy idea of a world where monsters exist alongside us into a very different place, one where the end of the world is not neigh and everyday worries are more the stakes along with the occasional monster hunt and sword fight. This issue promises to add a new wrinkle to the story as well as more new regular characters. It's a great twist of a genre and I happen to like both sides of it. $3.50


And that gets me just about at twenty even.... This week also brings Silk #1 back to the Marvel universe and it may sucker me too as I liked the earlier Cindy Moon title but am uncertain about the whole sinister take on the story but it's got the same great writer who also has Venom Space Knight #1 out this week.

And have a great November Holiday .... Thanks for reading my questionable thoughts.....


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