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Dead-wood Comics Pull List Dec 9 2015

So it's eighteen days till the gift giving day of the year arrives but I remember when I worked in a comic shop and every week it's was Christmas when I got to open the shipping boxes and inventory the new books wether I got to keep them or not. These days I try to keep a twenty dollar lost and as there is so many cool books out there it's often hard to pare it down to close to that. I begin my list with the must have book. Going to add a trade or two as gift suggestions.... And here we go....

Monstress #2 $3.50

I knew that Marjorie Liu's new book would be a great read but between her and Sana Takeda interior who's art is as richly detailed as her covers I think I have found a new favorite here. Monstress is much more the the elevator pitch of steampunk fantasy with kaiju with along with Marjorie as creator got my attention; it's richly a imagined world unlike ours in more then magic exploring the implications of different gender rolls and race relations in the aftermath of a great conflict. It's hard to disill much just from one issue but as it was huge in page count there is a lot there already to speculate about. It's a mix of horror drama and intrigue already promising much much more to come. Everyone tries to call "X" title the new Saga and this is my choice for what I hope gets that kind of following and long may it run as I think they have a lot of tales to tell... and look at that art. If you issued out on the first issue weeks ago they are shipping the second printing on Wednesday too and it's a bargin at that price of 4.99.


Southern Cross #6 $2.99

Finally we get the end of the first science fiction horror tale from Becky Cloonan Andy Belanger and one of my favorite colonists Lee Loughbridge; it's late but I'm finding I'm exited about it still even given the wait since issue five. The mysteries have slowly been revealed in this well paced and illustrated book and we are finally getting the to the climax of the who done it Braith started with to a revenge tale. As issue 7 begins a new story on Titan itself I have no clue as to who if anyone is getting out of this unscathed if alive, but it seems the story of the Southern Cross has hopefully just begun.


Codename Baboushka #3 $3.99

You know those espionage stories where a femme fatale enters and exits the heros life and you may just wonder if her story was more intriguing then the one your being told, well this here is that story the one you didn't to ow you wanted more. The Countessa is a one time feared Soviet crime boss blackmailed into the service of the CIA/NSA to take out the ones that they see as enemies it's a story we sometimes see but not quite like this. Image keeps making books like this that are worth reading cover to cover as the backmatter is as interesting and thought provoking. As this is intended to be a series of interconnected mini series like summer movie events I'm liking both concept and execution.

InSects #1 $3.99

Marguerite Bennett is working on quite a few projects right now and this one I particularly hope gets attention. Aftershocks Comics is just starting out and but its being headed up by editor in chief Mike Marts who was behind a lot of the books I enjoyed at Marvel. This book which is being drawn by Ariela Kristantina apparently is a Victorian occult horror staring a lesbian couple bent on revenge. As someone who likes a bit of body horror as it does give me honest creeps I think this title is just the thing. Marguerite is a history fan I expect this title will have some genuine historical detail along with weird diversions and hopefully some pointed social commentary. Ariela though she has done a few books that I have rather liked the look of I don't think she has been allowed to show what she can do so I'm very hopeful for this one to allow her some creative outlet, I mean look at that cover.



No Mercy #5 $3.99

I will say this for listening to the IWord podcast; it's dangerous as knowing a bit about the creators behind a book I'm for one more likely to make room for it in my pull list. No Mercy by Alex de Campi Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee drops a bunch of privileged teens into a pretty horrible series of events that will affect them and their families through the rest of the book. Alex on the interview talked about how she is far more interested in the aftermath of events and how people live with the events of their lives. This is another book that follows the story with personal essays for me that is a plus. He's a link to the interview as well everyone should give a listen. Oh and it's kind of the beginning of a new story arc...


And that brings me just below twenty....


Alabaster Shadows ONI Press $12.99

What drew my attention to this was the tagline that said its Gravity Falls which I really want to watch meets. Lovecraftian cosmic horror at least the YA version of that. Other then the few rather characterful preview pages and some fairly positive reviews I don't know much more about it but I think with my enjoyment of Steven Universe and Adventure Time this may just be a good time. If you know someone who is a kid or a kid at heart who likes a bit of monster centric horror this may just be a nice little gift.


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