Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull list Winter holiday edition...

So as I'm working so many extra hours and got a sick workmate that I missed getting my collection post up last week and perhaps it's too late but I hope to get that up tomorrow for last minute shopping. Today though will be my second last pull list for 2015 and it's been a marvelous year thus far comic wise and this week is no let down... I try to keep to a twenty do mar budget and perhaps this week will be easier then last.... I start things outwits my must have book and given that I barely ever keep to budget in reality I try to spotlight books that need in my opinion some signal boost....

Island #5 $7.99

As I seem to have a creative crush on Brandon Graham these days this should come as no surprise but the title I must have out of this weeks group is the sf&f anthology Island. It's an inheritor of many comics traditions ranging from the borderline underground comics to 2000ad and Heavy Metal as its not themed but just a collection or father cool bizarre sequential storytelling and the occasional prose work. The stories that have appeared have ranged from skate punk action to existential explorations, gender bending body "horror" and fun action romps. I'm never sure what Brabdon and Emma will choose to put in but it's always quality work and like fiction anthologies often expand my areas of interest and reading. This issue features Bradon Graham himself, Matt Sheean, Malachi Ward, Simon Roy and Johnie Christmas; I used to look up the artists to see what I'm going to be getting but at this point I am pretty confident in Brandon in his and Emma's choices in editing. It's value for comics dollar these days even at that price.


Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #1 $3.99

I've been exited about this book for months since I read that Kate Leth was getting the opportunity to write this in addition have been a fan of the character since long ago when I read about her in the Offical Giide to the Marvel Universe and read a few of the avengers issues she appeared in. Patsy has been around for a long time and has most recently been partnered with Jennifer Walters She Hulk when Mr Soule was writing the book. Kate is one of my favorite fan writers that has become a professional through her work at Boom Comics and did a great little magical girl genre influenced book called Power Up I mentioned a lot recently. I have few expectations about this book other then I expect fun offbeat odd adventures and have no clue as to where it will take us but I want the travel brochure to that place. All I can say is YEAH finally it's going to be out. What a great solstice present.

Angela Queen of Hel #3 $3.99

I probably don't have to ask but to introduce the feel of this book I'll do it, what do three non compliant geek culture reference dropping bad ass in all the right way women do when the powers that be considered to make them unhappy with their lot... well obviously they decide to rule in Hel. This is possibly the best marvel mythology book you may not yet be reading and well shame on you if your a fan of the Gillen era of Thor and your not reading this fun ass barrier breaking book. No no go right now and read the previews and cue up the punk (my choice is Againt Me!) or death metal of your choice and read this book. Marguerite Bennett can write some really great modern myths and your missing out if your passing this by. Ok it's not perfect but it got So much going for it I thing this one needs a signal boost as I do not want it to go away like Journey into Mystery did a couple years back.

Cyborg #6 $2.99

Victor Stone has up till a half year ago in the new 52 was just a functuary of the Justice League, Geoff Johns for all his writing chops has not really managed to do much with him; in many ways till David F Walker started this title the treatment he was getting didn't really pass Kelly Sue's sexy lamp test. The Cyborg book really has returned Vic to being the heart of the story in the way he used to be in the New Teen Titans way back when. Since the New 52 took away all those historic relationships from Vic but left his tragic origin and all the thematic problems (search for and read David's comments re this they are important) that come with him being well the character he is it's great someone with a clue and a story is addressing them. The changes that seem to be happening to Cyborg in this book, the updating of his technology and the coming future questions about it I'm exited to see explored. In addition it's been a good superhero comic using largely ignored characters like the Metal Men by someone who recalls how cool they all used to be. Cyborg is not the title I want it to be yet but David is building a solid foundation to get there.

Pretty Deadly #7 $3.50

I'm breaking budget but I can not pass this up at all. All of the books on this list are fairly must buys but this one ranks up there with Isalnd as its a Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios book. I'm very attracted to books that explore death and how we do and do not deal with the reality of it. I have serious existential issues and perhaps that is why I'm so drawn to books like this other then the fact it's beautifully illustrated and written by one of the voices I most connect to in fiction these days. How can you resist a spiritual metaphysical western story. Not sure if it needs the signal boost but well I love the book near as much as Bitch Planet, Shutter and Captain Marvel.


So there is this little romance drama book called Saga coming out too apparently.


Anyway a very merry holiday to you all who read this and chat back if you'd like I'd love to have a conversation about stuff... Really....


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