Thursday, September 13, 2012

Green Heroes....

I grew up watching the SuperFriends on saturday morning TV and that formed my love for the character Green Lantern. He was no the rich guy with the partner and all the cool toys, he wasn't the enchanted statue of clay, he wasn't the alien neat god raised by farmers nor was he the bastard offspring of man and mermaid. He was chosen for his will and his victories over fear- he was a man of courage. I've followed the Green Lantern mythology ever since in brightest day and in blackest night.

All that said I want to say some things. I would love to say Alan Scott was my Green Lantern but I'm way too young for that; I learned about Alan through Infinity Inc and the legacy if his children Obsidian and Jade who were among my favorite DC heroes. I could claim Guy Gardner since I encountered him almost as he arrived. The green lantern of my developing years was none other then the most challenged GL... It was John Stewart. As with Iron Man I hit with the changeover to a more conflicted era. John Stewart was my Green Lantern, the one who faced the Milennium crisis, the one who gave up his secret idenity, the one who dared to love an alien and the one who lost it all multiple times. Hal always came back and Guy eventually became the bad boy anti hero and John well he's ever the man in limbo hero or not.

Now why do I talk about this in light if the new GL. Simon Baz is someone I really want to know and someone in one issue I want to see in the spotlight. I do not know what to expect from the next three months of crossover stories; I want all Simon and the third army interests me not since I have emotional attachments to the green and the red and the yellow and to Simon; the third army well don't care.

There is so much potential to tell challenging stories that can change peoples minds in the real world like the seventies stories did. The US us a nation in need of questioning storied I can't wait to see Geoff challenge us to think....

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