Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday Comics (Monday nov 10 really)


Rocket Racoon 5

This was the winner of the week and pretty much had me in stitches from just about page one till the last panel. Scotty Young may be stepping away as artist and just do the writing from now on for Rocket but his swan song was my call for best story of the week. This book really was the one that grasped the same tone as the Guardians Movie, sure in this format it was a gimmick they can do only once but it so worked. Honestly the "Rocket" version of Kitty's Fairy Tale from back in the day of Uncanny Xmen by way of Giffen'ish Lobo was the fun that I needed. Five shot out of five.


Amazing Spider-Man 9

Its surprising to me just how much I have been enjoying the Dan Slott Spider-Man. I have been a Spidy fan on and off over the years and the reason I finally checked this out were the upcoming Silk, Spider-Woman and Spider Gwen series and its been a real hoot. I grabbed the first Original Sin issue which I really liked and the Edge of Spiderverse were another draw I can credit for picking up this wild fun issue. This issue plays wild and loose with the alternate universe thing that Marvel has been doing so well lately. The art by Oliver Coipel has a clean and clear style and has a panel flow that was ps easy to follow it made me think of movie storyboards. The backup that reintroduces the villains behind the story who have been kicking around in the last few issues in a manner where you don't really notice the exposition to being us occasional readers up to speed. Its definitely a four shots out of five is not a bit more because its got just enough tongue in cheek to make it a Spidy story.


I've got some other issues to get too but these won me pretty clearly out of the books I got to this last week.


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