Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dead Wood pull list (aka "These are the stories I'm looking for...)


All New Ghost Rider 9

Not too many people I follow around the social networking sites say much about this book by Filipe Smith and Damien Scott and I'm my opinion that is a shame. The new story arc is telling the sort of origin story for this new spirit of vengeance and things have heated up as Robbie's encounter with Jonny Blaze last issue has allowed Eli, the source of his power, take the drivers seat and it seems he's not all that nice a person. Filipe Smith has grasped the feeling of the original series returning it to its street level thriller and horror roots. 3.99 (cover looks really nice in this old image that didn't have the logo or anything.....)


Ody-C 1

I could just say that you had me at Matt Fraction writing this science fiction interpretation of the Odyssey but all the promotional images of the art and some of the sample pages clinched it. To me this is the perfect storm of need to have... a mix of science fiction, fantasy, mythology, classic epic adveture and a re imagining of the players as the opposit sex, ex really pretty artwork does not hurt. I'm so sad to see the end of Hawkeye but its nice to know there is some more Fraction coming soon. 3.99


Gotham by Midnight 1

So for anyone who likes a mix of police procedurals and supernatural this is probably just the title for you. Its a deal where it comes to comics these days at the price of 2.99. For me its got the extra draw that will have me calling my local shop to hold me one along with my weekly dose of marvel books, that would be the inclusion of Jim Corrigan, the Spectre in the book. He's one of those crazy powerful characters that sometimes be handled so right that he's all kinds of fun. I've read some interviews with Templesmith who is doing the art and the cast sounds pretty great.



Sundowners 4

This is my choice for best new continuing superhero book right now. Tim Seely has me wondering where he is heading with this take on superheroes; are they really heroes or are they just down right crazy people who think they are heroes after the sun goes down. I'm pretty sure there us a lot more then just that going on. This is a book that I'm sad I missed the initial issue and somehow doubt I'd be any the wiser about the real story. I love the art on this one and the character designs are winning also. If your up for a more odd read this one is your man this week. 3.50


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