Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dead Wood Comics Pull List Nov. 5


Amazing Spider-Man 9

This one is a total surprise to me but I've been checking out ol Peter Parker because of Ms Marvel making an appearance and some actual interest in the character Silk who seems to be getting a series next year. Dan Slott is a pretty amazing writer who has a handle on how to subvert the Parker formula and still make a great hero tale about one of the original hard luck heroes. Back in the seventies and eighties I was a big fan of the Jessica Drew Spiderwoman and she's aparently a big past of this two getting her own title again after all this time too. So I guess I'll be getting at lest this issue to see if it is my kind of think like Original Sin surprisingly was. Its 4.99 so it saps about a quarter of my budget this week but I'm lucky some books appear to be shipping late....

Nailbiter 7

Joshua Williamson is one of the writers that I've just recently discovered and as a fan of good police procedurals I can say this is one fans will want to take a look at. I got a chance to read the first volume as an arc and will be posting a review and its a creepily wonderful about a small town that has produced multiple serial killers and the investigator who gets rooked by an associate into looking into the place. To me it reads like a version of Riverdale all grown up and being scripted by the writers of Justified. The art is pretty spare, characterful and moody. This issue features an appearance by Brian Michael Bendis as a character so don't be mislead by the cover but its should be well worth your time even if you are.




Birthright 2

Oddly here is another book by the above mentioned Williamson by the name of Joshua but this time writing an Epic Fantasy and at 2.99 its among the comic deals these days. The end of issue one set up an intriguing couple of storylines that will make this issue a must try. The set up goes something like this... child disappears to become prophecied hero for fantasy realm and we the readers remain with the family as life goes to hell for them. The child returns a full adult a real world year later with an impossible tale and an impossible resolution to a missing child case. I'll not give away the final reveal but its a good one. So get this and the first if your a fantasy fan this week.



Legendary Star-Lord

Looking at the several page preview last week I was pretty much sold giving the references to old alien characters from the Marvel universe including references to the equine race from Power Pack, the Alpha-Centarans just to name a couple and not to ruin the other surprises. Now I skipped the last issue so far so all I know is that the identity do Mr. Knife is still hidden and that the "fight" with Thanos must have gone ok.... At 3.99 you have to like Peter Quill to get it but Sam Humphries is one of the funner writers at Marvel right now so.... You ow you want to pick it up.




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