Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dead Wood Pull List Oct 29 2014


Saga 24

I'll be up front about this I still have to pick up issue 23 but I may just grab up this one before getting it. Why well I miss The Will and Lying cat so much that just the cover with Brand and Sweet Boy on it will be worth my 2.99 but I know the story is something I really enjoy watching unfold. My local shop gets quite a few so I usually wait a month or so before getting one but this time probably not going to have patience. I don't know how this would be as your first issue but I bought issue 4 as my first and felt right at home....





Elektra 7

One of the many comics staring female assassins around right now and one that is rumored to be on the chopping block is on my list this week. Elektra seems to be one of those characters that Marvel wants us to love and just has not grabbed enough audience to justify her own ongoing title just yet. As someone who loved her in the pre first death days I have to give props to the great writing and art team behind this book. This issue promises to bring a fight between Lady Bullseye and Elektra but I won't count on it as the Namor Human Torch brawl I wanted last week really didn't happen. So I will be getting a copy and savor the last issues of this series.



Death of Wolverine Deadpool and Captain America

Wow that's a long title. Aparently one of the stories from Deadpool had a super soldier team up between these old soldiers called the good the bad and the ugly and this is an homage to that couple of issues. I'm into it because I have an affinity for both Cap and Deadpool and think this team up will be a pretty good if possibly silly time.


Nova 22

Along with Ms. Marvel Nova is the book I look to when I want a coming of age hero tale as Sam Alexander is an earnest and truly like able teenage superhero character. Seeing him along side the kids from the Jean Grey School and written by Duggan who has a great sense of humor as well as a good memory of what it was like to be a teen makes this one of the books I'm probably going to grab. As with other titles this week I don't get these all the time but they are sometimes the ones I end up enjoying more then my usual suspects.


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