Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Comics Oct 5 2014

In my opinion successful comics do one of several thigs for me as a reader... It either makes me smile or outright laugh outloud, touches me emotionally possibly to tears to, gives me chills up and down my spine in one way or another or gives me a story or idea that is too compelling for me to not continue thinking about after I've put it down... This week had it all to be honest.

Black Widow 11

This is a fun title that has a unique muted color pallet and follows Natasha Romanov trying to redeem herself to, well. mostly herself. Last issue presented a past encounter she has with another avenger, Hawkeye, and put in jeopardy her lawyerly assaciate. The draw that made me pick up this issue was the appearance of Laura/X-23 as her back-up as she goes to rescue her abducted ally. This is one of the titles which presents characters that seem mismatched but actually play well together and you may just hope to see together in the near future. Black Widow is a nice character to see getting to be a bad ass without male backup and this title really dives into the truth that women are overall more dangerous then men, anyone who has been the lone male in a class of women would know. Its a good book I must go back and seek out the rest of the issues.




Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier 1

This addition to the morally grey area of the Marvel Cosmos was high in my pile to read this week because I didn't know what I expected and its one of the books I have really been able to dig into and enjoy several times. The art is the same style as Elektra but more muted like watercolor at times and to really appreciate the depth of the detail you have to spend time with the book and that is something that I appreciate given the cost of comics. A book about a cosmic hitman I would not expect to have such a sense of humor that really comes through in Ales Kot's work here and distinguishes itself from the other assassin turned hero books out there. I had a good ammount of affection for Barnes' going into this book and came out of it pretty happy with it. Its different then the earlier Winter Soldier title that I also really liked but I'm glad this is something new. The art here might not be for everyone since it requires you as a reader to kind of participate more then other books on the shelf. Pretty great book overall.



Thor 1

This is probably the best new book of the week and the only thing I can say about it is that this book is a constant chill fest up and down my spine. Though I liked the last volume of Thor but this title gives me the feeling that the old Journey into Mystery did. Anyone who read the final issue of Thor will know what is coming as this issue opens as one of the story hints isicked up right away that then turns the cool up to 11. This story addresses the new status quo with Thor being mearly Odinson and the talk to the hand Hammer thanks to Nick Fury. No one need have read Original Sin to know how we got to now. The art in this story keeps up the tradition of the rest of Jason Arron's run having some of the best work out there these days. This is well worth the price of admission and given a certain person is in little of the issue it definitely leaves you tingling for more... Magic....



Rat Queens 8

One of my favorite comics hit the stands again today. I pretty much don't mind this issue being an "origin" story look back though it breaks the narrative from last issue. Though I can say I like all the heroines in this book equally Vi is pretty much my favorite to read about this month and low and behold the now beardless dwarf gets all the spotlight here as does much of her attitude and inspiration. The cover art makes me want to try out Peter Panzerfaust given the exchange of artists between the titles and well just writing about how much I enjoyed the revelations that made me grin here I want to read it again and revel in the great art and story. I think in this arc we will be getting clever inclusions of the Queens pasts and damn I forgot how much I like this woman warrior centric book. (see my comments above again for Black Widow.) if you are not reading Rat Queens and have any interest in fabulous fantasy you are missing out on great stuff.


And just because that Peter Panzerfause book with the guest cover by the regular Rat Queens artist....



Guardians 3000 1

Like Bucky Barnes this was a title I read a couple times this week to really sus out my feelings about it overall. It could not be further from the soft art and subtl story of Ales Kot though; Dan Abnett and Sandoval are pretty much on the over the top bombast with the opening of the book. Guardians 3000 presents a pretty dismal depressing future and an equally grim proposition for the heroes with the potential grindark Groundhog Day set up. That said I overall like this return to the characters I wanted more of as kid but never really got. I was initially disappointed to be honest but wanting to give it a fair shot I read it again and I can see that Dan is setting up a lot of things here that long time marvel fans will get and probably enjoy the implications he makes. I want so much more the these sadly overlooked characters. This is a title I want to love and have to be honest and say I just like it and mainly for the cool kinetic art right now but I do like it enough to hold on for more and hope other people are there with me....


There are a couple more books from the week I hope to get and maybe I'll be doing a follow up on Tuesday....

And there's a hint about one of them....


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