Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dead Wood pull list oct 21 2014


All New Ghost Rider 8

With the shocks that came with the plot last issue there is every chance that this will be right at the top of my reading pile this week. As I have made pretty evident I really enjoy this title with all my posts about its possible disappearance and a great part of that comes from Filipe Smith's take on the normal progression of the superhero story. This tale plays on the expectations I have as a long time fan of Marvel comics and subtly subverts the usual when it comes to story. The new art is growing on me too. This issue brings one of the other possessed spirits of Vengence into the story and should be pretty spectacular. 3.99

All New Invaders 11

This issue celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the first meeting and fight between Namor and the original Human Torch Jim Hammond. James Robinson has been writing some pretty solid pulp adveture tales in this title and I am always interested in buddy fights and this is a pretty classic pairing. If your not reading Invaders yet first shame on you and second here's the set up... the Human Torch has been driven into some kind of madness and Namor has been sent to corrall him in. Anyone reading both this and New Avngers knows what kind of wacky stress the Sub-mariner has put himself under so this should be good. James has build up a couple of big stories that still need to get to their pay off like an impending Mars invasion and a giant space god in purple. 3.99


Death of Wolverine Logan's Legacy 2

Logan was pretty much always my favorite Xman back in the day (think Clairmont / Cockrum / Byrne / Smith) and have drifted in and out of his complex convoluted story since then. I also loved the X23 story from Marjorie Liu and the appearances she has made in titles since then including her guest shot in Black Widow just last month. So though I'm not getting all the Death of books and actually skipped the weekly book I'm still interested and will be probably picking this book up. I'm also a sucker for a book with a female star written or drawn by a woman and this one is drawn by an Ariela Kristantina and it looks really good. 3.99




The Wicked + The Divine 5

This title appeals to me in the same way that Loki by Al Ewing and the villain centric stories of Cullen Bunn do but hits those story points in a way I can't really pin down. This is a story that is about gods that revisit humanity every so often and the events that happen in their wake. This is a very pretty book and has more going on in it then it seems to at first glance. I was iffy until the end of issue 4 as to how much I liked it but I'm fully hooked now into it and want to know WTF is really going on....3.50


Catwoman 35

This one I'm hooked because of in inclusion of Geniveve Valentine as the writer.... I will be honest the new 52 has had little that has hooked me and I may regret this but I won't regret supporting the writing efforts of a writer like Valentine. She has written some magnificent short fiction and novels and I have great hopes for what she can bring to Selina in terms of depth. If the new Batgirl is any indication of the direction some DC titles may be taking I may need to make room for a couple of them this one included....2.99



Deathstroke 1

Tony Daniel was one of the best action writers back in the nineties with the Nightwing title that was my go to for good humor, great action and a character I loved caring about.... and the art rocked too. Here he is again on both writing and art with a character that I used to love back when there was a new teen titans. There was a time when Magneto was in charge of the Xmen and I lived that as much as when Slade was running the Titans. I know I may regret getting this one but I so want Slad Wilson - Deathstroke to be that guy again that I thought of right alongside Magneto as a great anti- hero....2.99



That about breaks my bank for the week at just over 20 bucks.....


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