Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dead Wood Pull List


Secret Six 1

This is the return for the book I blame for me getting back into comics back in the pre new 52 days. I have been looking forward to Gail Simone returning to Catman and a group of ner do wells since the flashpoint put an end to all that fun. The original run of Secret Six reminded me of the eighties Suicide Squad by John Ostrander which was one part a buddy black comedy and another part thriller. I have high expectations for this one but given Gail's stated affection for the old title I will not lower my expectations. The old title was more then a comic thriller it was a story about characters that I really felt I cared about, characters that had likes dislikes and I will miss it but I'm willing to be open to a new version as long as its as good. At least I know Gail is promising Catman.....$2.99

Angela 1

Oh look another number one this week, to be honest this is a bit of a small week for me. So what is the draw here for me? Kieron Gillen here is the promise, he is thrilling me with his new Thor title as much as he did with the previous Thor run and his title Wicked + Divine for Image. The preview pages in the marvel previews last week looks pretty great and though this is yet another female assassin title for marvel I'm willing to give it a couple of issues to prove itself. Angela has a good pedigree being created by Neil Gaimen and has been used for some good stories by Bendis and Ewing so far so I have my hopes for this one... $3.99



Hellboy & the B.P.R.D. 1

I'm finding myself drifting back to Dark Horse lately with titles like Sundowners, Resurrectionists, and Grindhouse so its pretty natural I would go back to the good ol red guy again. I miss the days when Hellboy was in my reading pile and given I picked up the discounted bundle this last weekend I'm looking at this as a good thing. With this being kind of a new thing given a long absence from reading about Mike's creation I'm hoping to recture some of the enjoyment of the Lovecraft inspired world he created. $2.99


My also maybes for this week are Gotham Academy 3, Grayson 5, Birthright 3 and Tooth & Claw 2 that I'm on the fence about and may start saving for later this month for extras....



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