Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday Comics Dec 14 2014

Shutter #7

Joe Keating and Leila Del Duca's genre and expectation defying title actually almost tops my list this week for all out best book. I didn't really realize how much I missed the story of Katie Christopher in my life till I opened this bookend was treated to the two page splash of a very familiar looking building. This issue calls back to - who was left behind after the big bomb that ended issue two and the destruction waged to Katie's home. Characters pop in and out of this book quickly but sill feel as if they are coming from somewhere with a past and hopefully having a future if they make it off screen. Not to worry Joe quickly gets back to the various cliffhangers from the end if issue 6 and settles back into the mysteries of familial turmoil that began with the end of issue one. Much as other mysteries in the stories this week I don't mind that very little is revealed because anticipat-ion and guessing is half the fun of mysteries.


Bitch Planet #1

Equally great is the highly subversive title from Kelly Sue Deconnick with the provocative title Bitch Planet, that I have been anticipating for months and is so olives up to and exceeds my high expectations. This is a book that takes a couple reads to see some of the things that are going on in it and the essay that follows the story is must reading for everyone... non really guys everyone. -, the woman advising Kelly Sue, is pushing her to be realistic about the story she is telling and I think this story is going to have real claws to it. Along with being provocative, entertaining, and like little else out there right now Bitch Planet has a point to make about complacency and compliance to the status quo. Go out there and be non complient but do buy and read this and maybe buy one for your friends and spread the thought. (Just an aside I'm a feminist and there are reasons to still be one)


Thor #3

Though not as downright spine tingling as the first two Thor 3 is solidly good, its got great detailed art and brings to a close the story that began really with the final issue of the last run of Thor god of thunder. Gillen spends some time in this issue establishing the Jottenheim Frost giants as an actual people who are more then just monsters of the week, shows The Lord of Roxxon to be at least a little more complex then the corporate creep he has been up till now, he writes an entertaining Malikith and still makes the woman behind the helm compelling and mysterious. Truly I want to know who is Thor but I almost want to never know because this not knowing is pretty fun storytelling. This is the second time in consecutive weeks that the last page reveal was... well that would be telling now wouldn't it.


Hexed #5

I wonder why I don't see more people writing about how damned good this title really is or perhaps people haven't noticed because it doesn't involve all the usual supernatural suspects in urban fantasy. With the end of the last story arc bringing an end to how Lucifer and her employer work and releasing lots of magical artifacts back into the wild this issue brings a newish status quo. This issue gives a mix of all the things I look for in a comic detailed stylish art, a solid story with empathetic characters, an antagonist I like, mystery, adventure and not just a few laughs. Hexed is the urban fantasy comic that is hitting all the right notes right now.




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