Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Comics Dec 21 2014


Rumble #1

This was the big surprise of the week for me which really should not have been one. I think the I have forgotten just how much I like Arcudi's writing, his combinations of horror/thriller tropes that make him the right partner for Mike Mignola on BPRD are firing here on all barrels. The desolate landscape conjured by his story and the artwork by Harren and Stewart could easily be some post apocalyptic modern or fantasy world but its very much ours once you look at it more closely. This book lived up to its promise to be like Robert E Howard adventure in the present by way of David Fincher. I've actually read it a couple of times and liked it more with each time. Looking at the art alone ignoring the dialogue as I used to do with manga before I could read Japanese even told the story quite well and reveals more then reading it alone. If Hellboy and BPRD is your game this is a very good impulse buy....

Wayward #5

Having mentioned manga Wayward comes to mind next given its setting in and around Tokyo, its steeping in Japanese folklore and media, and its half nihonjin and half Irish heroine Rorilane. Zub and crew throughout the series issues have dropped Easter eggs for manga/anime fans which include to some extent the characters they have introduced since they are a little familiar and a little new. Issue five brings to a conclusion the first story arc and though a completeish story leave pretty much every mystery un solved and open several more. This may not be top my urban fantasy title but it ranks a close second to Hexed and I can't wait for the two month hiatus to be over to see what the fall out of the finale of this issue will be. The only thing I wish was that the B cover was the one that my local friendly comic shop got in. I would really have preferred an Ayana cover to the one I could get. The single issues have a folklore back up article in the letters pages which may not make it into the collected edition that will come out with issue 6 so there is a reason to track down the single issues.


Captain Marvel #10 (aka 100)

Its a pretty charming letters from home story that follow up on the final story arc of the previous volume that star Carol's supporting cast including the incredible Lieutenant Trouble, Spider-woman (Jessica), and Jim Rhodes. Its one of the better anniversary issues I've read recently and I think its was because of the opening thrid of the story that starred Trouble I didn't realize just how much I missed her earth-side friends and though Tic is a character I like I enjoyed visiting with these guys too and hope Carol heads back to earth soon. Actually Kelly Sue did such a good job of reminding me that Jessica and Jim are around I'll probably pick up Spiderwoman this month and the Iron Patroit collection too, damn you Kelly.... Well worth the 4.99 is week...


Ms Marvel #10

G. Willow Wilson does a great job of making me really think about real world issues while she entertains me with Kamala's advetures and I hope that writing the Xmen doesn't take any of the vitality of this great book away. Issue 10 reveals what the inventor has been up to all along and its a surprisingly intriguing plot because its not just a conquer the world or get rich thing I think. As always the art in Ms Marvel is unique, characterful and overall amazing given that he's keeping a monthly schedule. As its one of the few $2.99 books from the house of ideas its probably the best value for money from Marvel and often pretty much the best read of the week, and in terms of superhero books its still is in my opinion even given the other books I loved this week.

Thunderworld #1 (Multiversity)

I have to apologize to Gran Morrison because though I've always been envious of his imagination and storytelling acumen I have often said he can't write endings that I like.... or at least not often like. This book any other week would have been that all out star for me because I have loved he Marvel Family since I was a child. Grant captured the atomic age monster movie crazy that I associate with Shazam and the childlike brilliance of the character. It is odd to think that the mind that wrote this gleefully fun superhero book also wrote last months Pax Americana. All I can say is more of this please; he got across innocence that superhero books can have even in the face of horrific events. Somehow the master of weird grim and grime can also embrace weird adventures that are near four color. The art in the book is brillant too captureing the spirit of the Marvel Family as good as anyone I can think of. Like Cap Marvel well worth $4.99



The Wicked + The Divine #6

Again any other week and this would have been at the head of the list but well I was spoilt for great books this week. The last issue finished up the initial arc that starred one of my favorite deity for fiction that being Lucifer. This picks up the story some time later and brings in Inana who like the others we had heard about but had yet to meet. The georgeous art and very down to earth social relations focused story opens up more of the world but does so just a little like the first five issues. The darker elements of this series take on a different tone with this and I did quite enjoy the worry expressed by our heroine. If you like socially complex books that have a lot of myster to them this is a book to look at and its really really pretty besides. Its a great double feature with a book like Saga and better yet its one of the ones with the inexpensive first collections....



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