Saturday, December 27, 2014

Sunday Comics Dec 28th 2014.... Look. For more Monday...


Grindhouse #2 Slay Ride

Alex de Campi delivers on all the promises she made in issue one of this two part Christmas nightmare tale that plays with the four deadly sins of the modern world. She manages to tell a tale that is both blunt and subtle at the same time and leaves an impression that pastes after the book is closed. That a lot for a book that claims to be a grindhouse story and it says loads for the amount to which Che and the art team managed to invest me in the characters but given I feel closer to my grand parents then to my parents maybe its just me reading more into the book then was intended. Still if you dig psychological horror this was something or a Christmas and do get both issues. Additionally they come with a "comming attractions" section of posters that are a hoot too.


Sundowners #5

Tim Seeleys superhero support group book has had me wondering for a couple issues if these characters are really cracked or is there is actually unearthly going on and this well its pretty clear now. I had yet to think about the concept for this book but really given the mental instability of most costumed heroes saying that superhero groups are really support groups is pretty apt. Concerned Citizen makes a real impression in this issue with his attempts to get help for both the man he fought and fellow Sundowner and Dr. Shreds shows he has hidden depth that was not obvious before. This is the series for people who love superheroes and want a little more from the story the the big two are often giving. If last weeks surprise Rumble had been a super hero book Sundowners might just be the book it might be...

Captain American and the Mighty Avengers #3

Al Ewing's name kind of gets lost at marvel with Deconnick, Hickman, Remender, Wilson and Bendis to name a few drawing attention but Al's Mighty Avengers kinda feeds my desires for superhero antics. This tie in adventure isn't what I really want given that I don't really like the axis version of Sam Wilson nor the Luke Cage but its all pretty fun and Al makes great choices with how he's developing his cast and their relationships. If anything it seems like this title comes out less then once a month because the other Avengers get so much exposure. Spectrum actually makes a great leader wether she's the reconized leader or not, She-Hulk is a great powerhouse fighter and if anything we need lots more of the new White Tiger as well as the Blue Marvel, Kalu and Powerman . Lots of real potential that needs more readers.... and thankfully this is the last Axis inverted issue. If anything I'd like to see this be the team Saber-ine joined over then new Uncanny Avengers...


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