Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dead-Wood pull list Dec 17 2014


Captain Marvel #10

Feeling pretty spoiled for Kelly Sue Deconnick books last week Botch Planet came out and this week the 100th issue special for Carol Danvers Captain Marvel. Though its preposterous how many adventures the late silver age characters have had over time but I'd rather that then the continual loss yet non loss of history that happens sometimes with repeated story reboots. With Carol's Los of memory and her studying her past perhaps this will be a recollection filled issue perhaps not but Kelly Sue really doesn't dissapoint. $4.99 (ouch)



Ms Marvel #

G Willow Wilson's title that so really could is one of the books I look forward to every month, this is the comic that gets beyond the grim gritty nineties comic atmosphere and remind me of what is was like to get comics as a kid. If someone were to ask me today what Marvel book I'd consider is best all ages title this is the book I would point to. G Willow has a solidly defined atomosphere for the stories she tells with Kamala and for me its affects books she guest stars in; she blended so well with Spider-Man and its exiting to see her in Inhumans too. The joy in this title seems infectious to the books around it. And its one of the few Marvel books that is still $2.99.

The Wicked + The Devine

Kieron managed to shock me with some of the events in the end of the first storyline, which just came out in trade and would make a great gift for people hint hint, so I'm sure this will be near the top of my short stack of comics this week. The Wicked and The Divine probably doesn't need all the much signal boost but like the rest of this list its just an honest resorting of what I will be picking up this week given my comics budget. Guillen's story about reincarnated gods in the modern world taps into the realities of living in the modern socially over connected world and its honestly such a beautiful title to look at as well as read. $2.99 (another great comics bargin)



Rumble #1

John Arcudi is Mike Mignola's partner in horror comics crime over at Datk Horse and has been the mainstay on the BPRD book for a long time now turning out great Lovecraftian influenced stories. I know little about this title other the the tag line that a scarecrow walkes into a bat and wreaks havok across two worlds. It promises to be a weird horror take about a scarecrow god revenge tale that aparently is Louis CK meets Robert E Howard meets David Fincher. Honestly you has be at Robert E Howard and Arcudi writing. And its another $2.99 book that's pretty crazy that so many are so cheap this week. (Oops its $3.50 and having read it its pretty awesome....)

Wayward #5

This book follows a close second to Hexed for urban fantasy in comics. It hits a particularly weak spot for me since I love Japanese folklore, manga, animation and studies Japanese in college to be able to understand it without translation. (At times I wish this was in Japanese just because but that would be nuts but me I'm crash sometimes.) This issue brings the first story arc to an end and solidifies the main cast hopefully. Wayward has been a slower building title for me but at this point I'm glad I kept up with it and like The Wic + The Div its very nice on the eyes. I'm just sad I probably won't be finding this cover at my local shop because I don't like the regular one near as much. Good stuff UF fans Jim Zub writes great fun comics and you should be checking it out if its your kind of thing. $3.50 ( well at least its not 3.99)



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