Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Deadwood Pull List Feb 18 2015


Bitch Planet #3

Ok truth be told I'm now one issue behind being away from home and loyal to my local shop there I am waiting to pick up my comics from him. The character Penny Rolle could not help but have stood out in issue one and as with the characters of Orange is the New Black I'm curious as to the past that formed the person we met in the opening salvo of this book. Kelly Sue has not dissappointed me as of yet and with the team behind her I have every faith that this will be one of the stand out books in my pile upon getting home. $3.50

Secret Identites #1

I missed both Noble Causes and Dynamo 5 from the authors of this new superhero series but based on my enjoyment of Copperhead I'm willing to pick up the first issue. The characters that are the core team in Secret Identites were previewed on several of the comics blogs out there months ago with little preamble or overall explaination other then a bit about who they are and a bit of their origins. In a recent interview with Faerber and Joines they hinted that the overall story was inspired by the Judas Contract from the eighties New Teen Titans so I'm intrigued enough to buy in. $3.50

Silk #1

The Original Sin Spider-man story about the other student bitten by the spider after Peter sounded a lot like a stunt Marvel would have pulled and pulled badly in the nineties. Dan Slott, the man who made us love Otto Octavius as Spierman, managed to pull this cockamamie idea off with aplomb somehow. Now Robbie Thompson a writer for the so much better then it should be TV show Supernatural and artist Stacy Lee, who's art looks a bit anime/animation influenced, art picking up the story of Cindy Moon who has been living in seclusion since her becoming a spider totem person. Given how much I've been enjoying the geek culture loving Supernatural I have great hopes for this title... I'm the kind of comics fan that will try new titles and I'm happy to see more women artists in the comics industry. $3.99


Ms Marvel #12

If secret wars messes up this title it will probably be the point I break from Marvel again for a decade. No not really but I do think this is one of the books that keeps my faith in comics when I get dissappointed by something else. G Willow Wilson's inhuman heroine Kamala is one of the best reasons to pick up a marvel book these days. There are other books that make me feel the same like Secret Avengers and Bucky Barnes but this is the one that I think should be on everyone's pull list especially at $2.99.


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