Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dead-wood pull list Feb 25 2015


Rasputin #5

Ever since I picked up the third issue of this on a lark I've been posting about how good this fantastical alternate history of Rasputin told so brilliantly through the silent panels created by Grecian and Rossmo. This Rasputin is part human part something else as revealed so beautifully in issue three allowing him to heal the mortally wounded and to see the departed and the fae that inhabit the world around him. This issue promises to deal with events that occured in this worlds version of WWI. The mad monk is something far less then mad in this story, his story and its something well worth checking out if for nothing else the magnificent use of the comic medium to tell a heartfelt story through mainly art alone. $3.50

Secret Avengers #13

Soon to join the long running tradition of Secret Avengers books that rise and come to a premature end is Ales Kot's brilliantly funny weird fiction spy romp. The unconventional and bizarre teaming of MODOK and a SHIELD team has worked out to ender the odd villain to me and filled the Hawkeye shaped gap in my comics reading as Matt Fraction's book has been an on again off again sighting in my box. Successful both as a super spy comic and a pretty cold comedy I will miss this once it is finally over. $3.99 (the Traad Moore covers never hurt either....)

All-New Invaders #15

And now a book that is coming to an end this month that I will miss almost as much. James Robinson's love of golden age characters is well known and I too have a great fondness for them too. Its a shame that this book is coming to a close because he has added some new intriguing legacy characters that he has barely gotten to explore. This last story arc re-introduces the Jim Hammond Human Torch's sidekick Toro to the story just in the nick of time for it to be over. With secret wars giving him more work at Marvel after the ends of both this and FF I have great hopes for the post Secret Wars era. $3.99


Spider-Gwen #1

I've been an on again off again Spider-Man reader and well the Edge of Spiderverse issue featuring Gwen was one I'd say was just about my favorite of the bunch baring the SPDR issue which I'd love to see more of. Anyhow this is one of those stories that only works in my opinion becaus we know the history that played out in the original. I have high hopes that like the new Ultimate Spider-Man It happens to soar to new great heights. $3.99


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