Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dead wood comics dispatch Mar 11 2015

The object of this pull list post is to put up what I am actually buying assuming I have a twenty dollar budget... To be honest I break it pretty much every week these days but twenty is what I'm shooting for.

I also would like to do a weekly if I could only buy one comic post since I think that is though really hard could be something I may someday have to do so....

Hexed #8

This week is a hard one to choose just one given the next one on my much have list but I I had to Hexed by Michael Nelson and Dan Mora delivers pretty much every month and checks most of my likes boxes. Hexed has great characters, conflicted heroes, can be a breakneck paced adventure with more then just hints of Lovecraftian cosmic horror. There seems to be a lot of mythology that Michael has created as background for this book and the hints that slip through keep me coming back for just a bit more every month. Art wise Dan Mora has just enough an action manga bent to his style to satisfy the manga void left in my life since moving to southern oregon and it is really hard for me to say that there is a better looking book out there since this ranks up there with some of my favorites artisticly. Well worth my $3.99 monthly and seems to top my suggestions even week it comes out....



Shutter #10

This is the book that makes my choice so hard this week because I could easily say this would be my if I could only get one book book. Joe Keating is a multi talented writer and I think has lots of backstory for this portal fantasy Indiana Jones adventure drama. Shutter is charming and creepy in almost equal measure and has been plenty surprising where the story has gone in just the almost dozen issues so far. Leila Del Duca has such an appealing and unique art style its not quite like anyone I can think of. Shutter is the grown up version of Oz, or Narnia and gives all of its players agency regardless of sex or species. It is also the comic these days that packs in story from cover to cover and that is something you hardly see. $3.50



Southern Cross #1

This is one of the two number ones that is on my pull list this week both of them are by creators I have come to enjoy of late and I'm very glad to have picked up Gotham Academy and Becky Cloonan. Now I may have picked up Southern Cross anyway since Image is having such a good track record with Science Fiction books of late but knowing I like one of the creators dosent hurt. There are two other things that have hooked me the first being is that ther are hints at Lovcraftian cosmic horror about this book and the other is the price... $2.99. Oh and just look at that cover.


the surface #1

This is the other number one I'm going to mention this week though a certain Duck might make the cut when it comes to the cash register. Ales Kot has been a name I have given much praise in my comics columns of late given my love of Secret Avengers, Zero and Bucky Barnes. The surface sounds to be the kind of subversive science fiction story along the lines of a Philip K Dick or a Charlie Stross novel and mentions the movie District 9 in the ad copy. I'm willing to try this out on the strength of Kot storytelling alone but the addition of Langdon Foss who did a great Bucky Barnes fill in issue cliches it. $3.50




Copperhead vol 1

So I have all the individual issues in this collection but I'm tempted to grab it again. Copperhead is a mix of story elements from science fiction, westerns and police procedurals and billed itself as Deadwood in space prior to the series and it lived up to that high goal quite well. If anything this book to me is a mature take on the animated series Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers from back in the day and makes me recall the good things about the old sci if series Alien Legion. A new sheriff comes to the world of Copperhead and she doesn't seem well wanted by her new partner nor is her tough and practical manner well recieved by the local wealthy criminal element. Jay Faerber set himself a high goal and succeded quite well in my opinion with this book so far. $9.99 (it world well break my budget but I wanted to give it a signal boost in case you may have missed out and it sound your kind of thing. )


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