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Sunday Comics Notes March 28th 2015


Jem and the Holograms

Is it the best of the books I read this week, that is up to personal opinion really, but Jem and the Holograms by Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell is one of the prettiest and thought a bit origin-y it was a solidly good story and has lots of story potential. Kelly and Sophie reintroduce the heroines of the eighties pop music driven animation from just short three decades ago and sparklingly passes Bechtold and Sexy Lamps tests. Its character designs include various body types and though highly stylized the characters diversity is pretty evident. I have every hope that this book will be an all ages mirror to the challengingly written Bitch Planet. Certainly not ment for the oft assumed audience for the four color world and makes me kind of wishing I had a daughter to share it with (still very happy to have decided to not have children though. Looking forward to more and to the Misfits.... Not typically my sort of thing but kinda totally love it, I am a trained makeup artist just sad I look pretty horrible in drag.

4 out of five if the are is your kind of thing

Past Aways 1

Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins first full issue of their time lost heroes stuck in the distant vaguely rememberd past, the now, delivers a massive book for the money. Following the Image of giving a longer issue for the same money up front certainly put this to the top of my reading list right after the above glittery gem and it give more then just quantity. Continuing from the introduction in DHP the group of past explorers continue their lives stuck in the barbaric past and learn they may not be quite as stuck or alone as they thought. There is a lot of fun and sciencey adventure in this book that includes a journal entry for its future followers and a Mind Mgmt with art and story by Matt Kindt that may or may not entice you into reading that too. This is another winner for me in the realm do modern SF comics... its a genre that is kind of getting lots of good going on for people of many tastes be they serious or fanciful. This feels kind of fun, rollicking and pulpy and well its a lot of comic for the money today.

4 out of five pretty solidly and with a headquarters map on the back..

Secret Avengers 14

Penultimate issue of Ales Kot's MODOK opus and my replacement for the much abscent Hawkeye. All the various pieces are pretty much together in here including the philosophical bomb, the multiple furies, the spiders and hill and the archer and agents and oh yeah much and many weirdness. With a story that could have been a Lovecraftian version of Doctor Strangelove by way of the old Marvel Bullpen. Its not at all the best place to start but this is one of the books I will sorely miss come the end next month.

5 stars but it may just be me...

All New Ghost Rider 12

The end of the first story arc has arrived and Filile Smith with the aid of the ever amazing Kris Anka and bring back the feeling I had so early on and makes me hope for more of Robbie Reyes on the other side of Secret Wars as long as my Smith is riding along. This very different spirit of vengeance to me promises to be a marvel version of one manga favorite of mine Devilman. Seems Robbie is fully and ever stuck bonded to the dead psychopathic spirit Eli and makes a necessary deal in the end that begs more and possibly very dark stories. I've loved the book through all the art changes its had for the kinetic pages of Traad Moore, through Damien Scott's graffiti style, to the manga stylings of Filipe himself and Kris in this issue. Again not a great place to start it actually couple be a good first issue...

5 out of 5 and I will miss this one...


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