Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dead-Wood Comics Dispatch Mar 18 2015

As with last week I'm starting with the book I would get if I could only get one book this week...

Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #6

This may be the predictable choice for me but given the re-read value I have gotten from Ales Kot's super spy story this is probably the one I would choose. The art chores are split between two varieties of pop art Rudy's painted panels and Foss' thin line psychedelics which make a strange but appealing mix. Bucky's new title is not much like anything else from Marvel, sure its got fights and macho/macha posturing and a jingoistic subtex but Ales Kot has subverted that into something else and explores character much more then he seems to at first read. Maybe its me reading all that into the cool art and such but its my 4 clams I'm putting down for this and I'm really enjoying this a ticket ride. $3.99.

Giant Days #1

Having a limited budget means sometimes missing out by choosing one over another and I'm not sure what I chose over Lumberjanes when it started but its ine of those books I wish I'd picked up on. Giant Days is created by John Allison who is a respected webcartoonist and the title seems to be one of those may be great fun books. Now as I love Hexed from Boom comics I'm always pretty open to checking their offerings out if they seem like they might be up my alley. I'm still waiting for the next one that will hook me and this college comedy title may just be that thing mentioning Monty Python in the solicitation doesn't hurt... $3.99


Chrononauts #1

There are comics writers that I'm either hot or cold on and Mark Miller is one of them; along with notably Grant Morrison I think they have terrifically engaging ideas, plots and characters but somewhere it falls apart for me. So why am I signal boosting for a Millar book you may ask, well I'll tell you I enjoy Mark' s ironic sense of humor which since this is a buddy comedy should be well on display but the big draw for me is the art by Sean Murphy. Along with Dan Mora of Hexed and Traad Moore of Ghost Rider I love the way manga has influenced their work and inspire me to draw again. Here's hoping my radar is correct with this one but I think it shall be a hoot. $3.50

Dark Horse Presents #8

I don't talk much about the things from Dark Horse that I'm currently enjoying and the new volume of Dark Horse Presents with its near 5 dollar price is an overlooked gem sometimes. Last issue with the Hellboy short story may have gotten some attention but its the ongoing tales I'm interested in. This issue promises a new Fred Van Lente weird noir tale that seems right up my alley and the Alex de Campi Semiautomagic is something that is keeping my happy in the absence of Grindhouse. It services my desire for offbeat kind of twilight zone-y stories and well its not as pricy as the last volume which I wanted but couldn't really make enough room for. Take a look mayhaps it will get its hooks into you too... $4.99


Secret Identites #2

Did Secret Identies #1 blow my socks of, well no not really not right away but its a book I've been going back to since reading it and there is a whole lot of substance there that I find I want a whole lot more of. Its very much a modern take on the old Judas Contract story and I say that because of all the non Crosswind story parts of the book; its pretty obvious there is a lot going on with all of the various members of this ad hoc supergroup and its going to take a while to explore all of it. Joines and Faerber I think have a nice little story bible they are working from and I really can't wait to see more of all those pesky secrets slowly unveiled. $3.50 (reading this reminded me of the novel I just finished by VE Schwab called Vicious which every superhero fan should really go and get right now....)


So those just top my twenty dollar budget but given there are some other books that are of interest this week...


Nightworld collected edition

I knew I was interested in this book if for nothing else the homage to Jack Kirby who is pretty much my favorite of the silver and golden age artists and was the kind of storyteller I'd aspire to be. From what I recall of the issues I looked through the creators Adam and Paolo also have that kind of gonzo wild storytelling ethic of Kirby where something sparks the imagination and then storytelling wise ta off to the races. Collects the four issues that made up what I hope is the first of several series. $12.99


Nixon's Pals

This is an original hard cover graphic novel from Image by Joe Casey and Chris Burnham and I'm glad I work in a bookshop and may be able to order this at my employee discount. Joe Casey was the creative mind behind Catalyst Comics which was one of my favortie superhero projects in the last few years. I know next to naught about this other then it looks pretty gonzo itself. It would suck up all my budget at $19.99 but I expect it would be woth it given Joe Casey's creative crazy.


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