Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dead-Wood Dispatch March 25th 2015

Starting now as I do with my if I could only get one suggestion...

Rumble #4

John Arcudi and Jmes Harran's trip to an alternate demon and sword and sorcery god infested Detroit has been so damn enjoyable I'd be silly to pass it up. Lovecraftian horror tinged slapstick absurdity may not be your thing but it seem to be mine. There are other great titles I am looking forward to so this would not be an easy choice but I would make as issue of this crazy crazy horror fun fest mine this week. Eventually there will be a collected edition of this too but well can't wait that long and want to support books that so entertain me. Its violent, hell bloody violent, and Harran's art may not appeal to you, on first flip through I almost passed but am so glas I picked it up for this quirk art style is something that grows on you, well it did on me. $3.50


All-new Ghost Rider #12

So this title also of a horror bent gets second billing and it does so for many reasons but beware its the last issue of this much unappreciated series. Filipe Smith has introduced a new kind of spirit of Vengence with Robby Reyes and his brother Gabe; he brilliantly inverted the Peter Parker cliches including Gwen Stacy in a very odd way. This last issue boats three artists including Kris Anka who's character designs I love seeing and seemingly the name Staples.... hmmm. Well with the pre Dawn of Secret Wars which will see a title called Ghost Racers by this self same creator Smith it at least will not be missing in my pull list for long. $3.99 ...


Wayward #6

Setting an urban fantasy in Japan makes so much sense as the Japanese have a such long tradition of ghost and demon stories that I'm surprised it took so long to get a series like this. The first story arc finished up in issue five managed to endear its cast to me, a cast that are characters inspired to some extant by the heroes of manga supernatural heroes. There appears to be a bit of a big conspiracy going on behind the scenes of the initial story arc and I am very interested in seeing where all the various hints are leading. Wayward is also a comic that seems to know the setting and mythology its toying around with down to the cityscape its drawn against; I have not been to Japan but as a life long manga fan and the feeling of the book seems right. I've been missin Ayane lots since the end of issue 5 so hers hoping she's in part of this returning issue. $3.50


Secret Avengers #14

Who would have thunk that a giant head with a mini body attached could be so....um cute and herioc...but looking above at Wayward reminds me of super deforms and hello Kitty so maybe MODOK the hero was a forgone conclusion. Ales Kot has been writing what I think of as the most readable Avengers title recently given its degrees of separation from current Secret continuity. Starring Hawkeye, Spiderwoman, Black Widow and Agents Colson and Fury not to forget the star of the story MODOK it is an unlikely favorite but I've every liked the off beat. Sadly the title is winding down towards its finale but its a great mix of spy romp and multiple buddy comedy worthy of John Carpernter. Ales has pulled ideas from as far afield as the Marvel UK Caprtain Britian ... I will so miss this book. $3.99



Jem and the Holograms #1

Though I'm not much for licensed books these days I have to add this though I have others on my pull list this week. Never a big fan of the show back in the day though I did watch sometimes I love the artwork of Sophie Campbell and am like to grab a copy for that alone. Kelly Thompson I'm a bit familiar with so this is a bit of a chance buy on my part but knowing she will be cowriting Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps in moths to come I'm interested for that also. Will I keep up with this is the question I have to ask I'll have to see if its for me but it is oh so pretty. $3.99

And in a feature I'm going to try to keep up is my collection recommendation because sometime collections are more what I want.

Wayward vol 1 String Theory

Though not Hexed Wayward tickles my fancy for Eastern Urban Fantasy and its a very appealing mix of characters and ideas that Jim Zub and crew have mixed together in this book. String Theory introduce our half Irish half Japanese heroine and her odd collection of friends and see them into their first big confrontation. At an affordable $9.99 this is a great choice for someone looking for something new this week. (Hitting the same week as issue 6 doesn't hurt but that seems to be the plan at Image...)


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