Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dead-Wood comics dispatch April 1 2015

No Mercy #1

Alex De Campi' s book and shorts at Dark Horse have been very entertaining in that B movie horror sort of way and its great to see more work from her and what looks to be an all woman creative team from Image. The promise of this title to put vacationing high schoolers from the US into a very untenable and dangerous place in a very real world sort of way sounds very interesting and is likely to garner lots of interesting conversation if people get it. I'm looking forward to the book for her writing alone given the subject matter I'm now even more intrigued. On top of it its $2.99



The Dying and the Dead #2

Jonathan Hickman is one man that seems obsessed with death and the end of things given the direction and characters of his recent work and given my existential problems he's kind of the right writer for me to read. The first issue of this book introduced us to our hero who's love is facing the end of her days and he's offered a bit of hope from a slightly obscure angle. This issue promises that he will be bringing the band back together to go on the missin that will lead to his miracle cure and the band will be the friends and companions still around from his youth and WW 2. The art is brillantly stark and the story has lots of promise given all the hints and secrets thrown around in the opening extra sized issue. As will all Hickman work I caution that it reads better in big stacks so waiting for the collection may be in order but if there is a back up feature or a letters page here I think the individuals may be of interest besides the book itself....$3.50


Guardians Team-Up #4

This is a series I think it will be fun to check out now and again and this is the issue that has my attention. It is written by John Layman who writes good pugilistic action which this issue will likely have in spades given the two green skinned women it stars but the big draw for me is the promise of the new artist Otto Schmidt from Germany. Seems he has been doing some excellent work on the continent and as someone who has been accused of being euro trash I'm looking forward to seeing what Europe has to offer as new talent. I don't expect the issue to hook me for the series but I'm pretty intrigued to pick up the one at least. $3.99


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