Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Comics April 5 2015


Guardians Team Up #4

Guardians is a title I wanted to love but found not to my tastes on a monthly basis so Guardian Team Up is kind of a bit of luck as it leads to a series you can dip into when you like and pass with equal measure as most issues look to be one and done. John Layman wrote a pretty fun meat up between two of my favorite and probably most dangerous marvel heroes. This is also the issue that brings German comics artist Otto Schmidt to the US market and since I think he's doing the Korvak title during Secret wars its a nice taste of what might be comming up. The book is a great comedy of mistaken errors and like Rocket Racoon issue five actually smile and laugh inducing. Its the kind of thing that is the best that team up books do... allows you to pick and choose the ones you really want to pick up rather then being trapped in continuity. Gammora and She-hulk make a pretty good team too... Near five stars for art and story both...


Spider-Gwen #3

Latour and Rodriguez continue to deliver with this alternate universe Spider woman; I may keep wondering if the reason this book would work without at least a basic knowledge of the Peter Parker mythos given how tied I feel emotionally to the Spider-Man stories I recall so fondly involving characters named De Wolfe, Castle, Murdock and Stacy. Never a huge Spiderman fan having dropped into and out of the book for decades I do have to say I really love this book lots, bloody lots. I'm the kind of reader who enjoys the remix of elements to create something new and bigger then the pieces that it was built from. What Jason is doing story wise her taps into the old marvel and builds a new house of ideas out of it, with Castle as a cop and Murdock a pawn of the Kingpin this is very interesting and the art by Rodriguez is so characterful and all its own I can't say enough about how well I think this one works. Aces... Four and a half stars


The Dying and the Dead #2

Hickman and Bodenheim's Dying and the Dead number one was a whole lot of set up, set up and lots of very detailed art havy on implications. Issue two is so very cynical about the realities of modern society with its depictions both of the plight of the elderly in the retirement home system and of the halls of political power mirroring many of my staunchly held beliefs of the ruling classes. Hickman does a lot to set up the relationships between the old soldiers gathered by our hero to aid him and hints as to the object of the quest her has been tasked with. I love the overarching stories that Jonathan tells but often it can leave individual issues feel short or incomplete but that is not the case here...

For great art and solid story three and a half stars


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