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Dead-Wood Comics Dispatch April 29 2015

The Comics Dispatch is my weekly column looking at what will be among the books I actually will be purchasing this week. I try to keep to an actual budget of twenty dollars though its not often I keep to it given how many good books there are nowadays but that is the aim. Each week I start with my choice for which one I would get if only get one and I follow the pull list with a suggested collection or original graphic novel for those who don't do periodicals...


(So last week I was working under the mistaken information that Jem and the Holograms came out last wee and was so so sadly dissappointed when I got to my FLCS so given I half chose it last week I'll post the pretty cover again and then chose a book for this week but you know I'm cheating a bit here go back if you want to see what I wrote about it. Still hits high on my list...,)

Bitch Planet #4

So not surprising possibly but my absolutely must buy for this week is the ever seditious Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue Deconnick. After last issues story about Penny Roll that officially made her my favorite character in the book we are back to moving the story forward. I've read a few things about this issue and am curious as to what to expect but I know its like to be NSFW but pretty much this title always should have that warning. This is one of the books I would say that waiting for a collection is a big mistake as the after story essays and letters page too are pretty required reading. Some of my comics I get for the laughs some for the fun this one for the story but more so the food for thought and the social commentary and to open my mind to those aspects of the book. Always like a book that is just a bit uncomfortable enough to make me think. $3.50


The next two rank high too...


Secret Avengers #15

What started with MODOK being a part of SHIELD, a mad poet, a talking existentially minded bomb and other weirdness not to mention most of my favorite Avengers promises to end with a big old weird mix of the same. Spiderwoman (Jessica Drew) was one of my favorite characters starting with the Saturday morning show and her relationship with Natasha and Maria was a total joy and adding another old favorite Clint Barton cinched my interest but Ales Kot is such a winner writer to boot. I'm going to miss these guys so much I'll have to go back and read what became my go to fun book when Hawkeye went on its long hiatus. Oh and the MODOK Maria hill romance was so brilliantly done and so unexpected. $3.99


Steven Universe Gregory Universe Special

This is very recent and I blame this on all the great artists I follow on Tumblr... who post images if their fan art of Steven Universe, had I never seen then my curiosity may not have been raised and I'd not have a new great obsession. I've only encountered a little of the show and am so completely charmed that I'll make room in my list for this and in my life for a little bit more wonder. Ok so I'd also have been curious after listening to the Less than Live podcast Aggressively Feminine episode. This show borrows much from shojo magical princess comics but is doing something totally different with it. Count me bewitched by this show, its cast and I fully expect to actually own episodes knowing me. Anyway this special is going to be my first SU purchase and people can expect my fan art sometime soon I expect.... I won't be embarrassed by my enjoyment of it either... $4.99



Wayward #7

And from one manga/anime influenced book to another I'll certainly give a nod to this book that pulls its inspiration from various and sundry modern fantasy titles and Jim Zub brands with his particular brand of adventure. Steven Cummings' art is well a treat his characters are truly mad his but the underlying influences are defiantly hinted at and as an old manga fan its doubly fun for me. Last issue introduced a new supernatural character to the mix and Jim managed to really involve me in her story quite quickly and oh so happy Ayane is back, so missed her on their hiatus. $3.50 for the comic and come back for the additional cultural or myth features in the letters pages.


So that gets me within some few cents of the twent dollar budget... Now I'm like to get Rumble too so I'll break my budget as usual but s not by much...


And for those that enjoy collections and original graphic novels....


Hinges by Meredith McClaren...

Largely told through art and expressions for there is very few word balloons or narration Hinges is a georgeously illustrated "clockpunk" tale that follows Orio its porcelain hued hinge jointed protagonist and her weird Odd or familiar. Meridith's book I found very involving in the way that reading manga without translation is; she very deftly comminicated emotion through expression and though minimal the art is deep, rich and textured. I once commented to an artist I could hear the clacking of bones through the power of his line work and that came though here even in the silence of the page I could just about hear the gears, the flowing of material against material and soft foot steps. Great great reading experience. $15.00



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