Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Comics April 19 2015

Uncanny Xmen #33

Kitty and Illyana go to Monster Island I found to be truly charming and surprisingly moving. The story looks at the old friendship between Illyana and Kitty in the light of who they have become while they fight monsters and search for another new mutant. I picked up the issue because of how much I like Kris Anka's art given my hit and miss experience with Brian Michael Bendis's writing but I'm so glad I did. Brain's story through the witty banter filled dialogue looks at the way that the relationships have developed in the Xmen books and how the lives of these characters go from a meta story perspective. If these characters were ever your favorites or ones that you liked this book recalls the old days with a real kind of fondness without being maudlin or sappy. Its a great one and done issue, I like the feelings the story evoked in me, its great to have someone near move you to tears in a spare twenty pages Kris' art is expressive and emotive too and a great deal of fun. Though not in my dispatch it really should have been. Brian I'm sorry I doubt you sometimes because your sure deliver good stories. 5 stars or bullets if you like.

(More to come , had to work the weekend....and I am behind a couple weeks on a few books)


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