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Dead-Wood Comics Dispatch April 8 2015

If I had to choose but one... (and oh this is a hard week for this choice)

Southern Cross #2

Becky Cloonan's science fiction Lovecraftian horror story did a lot to get my attention in issue one building what seems a haunted house story in space; feeling a lot like the original Alien she's planted a hook that will get me to return and to reccomend it. The art by Andy Belanger is the book is pretty magnificent in terms of grandure and scale when it comes to the vessels, a mixture of appealing characters and haunted atmosphere. Sure, its won't be everyone's thing but as the owner of my FLCS and I talked about the week after the first issue was out its so nice to have a wide science fiction comics again. Its seldom I get so much of what I love storytelling wise in one book like this and all for the low comics price these days of $2.99.

So eventhough its a hard choice this would be the one...


Copperhead #6

This week there seems to be an overall science fiction-y theme going on in the Deadwood pull list. If you missed the first story arc of Copperhead its now out there collected for the bargin Image price and is well worth it if you like the idea of a space western or a hybrid of Deadwood and Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers (yeah that dates me but what the hell.) This issue brings a new story arc and I expect will give us much more insight into Sheriff Clara and maybe why she was relocated to the frontier. The complex social landscape that Jay has built on the frontier setting is one of the draws for me; the mix of races I think over time will allow him to tell some complex stories where white and black hats are not very clear cut.


Descender #2

Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen's title that garnered a bit of good chatter last month hopefully doesn't get lost in the metric tonmof books coming out this week. Yeah it didn't make the top of my list but it is close and if I was actually going to stay in my 20 dollar budget is probably one I would get. The book to me looks like a take on an Astro boy given the boyish looks of the lead robot character and the persecution that robots are definitely suffering given the mysterious massive robots that slaughter lots of people and other beings at the outset of this series. Jeff hints at a crap ton of mysteries existing I this story, whys and where fors and such, and Dustin's character, creature and overall design work is pretty magnificent. Tim is the young looking robot in question and in the final panels his situation seems to be going from just frying pan to fire, I suspect that this will be better in large doses but the collections will be skipping all the pretty design pages included for your artistc pleasure and another great sci if book at $2.99 well another must.

Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #7

People much be tired about me going on about Ales Kot so I'll just say I have a great love for the super spy books that follow the current adventures of Bucky and I'm one of those people who said some deaths should be sacred once upon a time. Between the painted art of Marco Rudy and the clean clear pop art style of Langdon Foss this is a book that never tries to appeal to the middle of the road reader and is possibly not long for the shelves. Issue seven promises to flesh out the version of Crossbones who has never been my favorite nazi villain to hate so I'm curious what me feeling will be after this issue is over. $3.99


Jupiter's Circle #1

I missed the earlier series Jupiter's Legacy for which this is a prequel and serves as the Millerverse Silver Age. I have subsequently read the first issue of Legacy and will be getting the collected edition because it was pretty damned iteresting. I also choose to spotlight this book because the artist Wilfredo Torres who's art looks exemplary in the preview has suffered a very big personal loss just recently and well I have to give a signal boost because I can't afford to donate much money. From Mark Millar I expect a cynical deconstruction of the idealized comics era where the white hats are as tarnished as anyone else. I have high hopes and expectations.


The Legacy of Luther Strode #1

This is the third and last volume in the ultra violence story of a one time nerd Luther Strode who sent away from one of those martial arts books that used to be advertised in the back pages of comics. Traad Moore's comic work is just about the closet thing we have to the great old days of the book Fist of the North Star in Japan in the mid eighties; he has the most kinetic art style out there right now and I can just about see it in motion, just about. Justin Jordan deserves as much credit in that it takes guts to write something so honestly crazy and unforgivingly violent and with so much heart written into it. I'm on board but I loved Hokuto no Ken (Northstar) back in the day and this is right there too. $3.50



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