Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dead Wood Pull List Sept 9 2014


Hawkeye 20

So we are sadly building up to the end of the series that got me fully back into collecting comics and brought me back to Marvel as my go to place for great stories. Thought I hate sports metaphors Matt Fraction has been hitting bulls eyes with this series that focused on the non-Avengers life of Clint Barton, pretty much my favorite Avenger, and his protege, Kate Bishop and the less the cosmic and world wide threats that they face in the track suit mafia and Madame Masque respectively. I will miss this series once its gone and hope that if you give it a try you enjoy it as much as I did. Matt Fraction incorporated real world events like hurricane Sandy and its devistating effects, lots of injuries including the most recent sign language issue along with the bowstacufs, car chases and guest appearances. This issue is a Kate story on the west coast and probably brings the Madame Masque v Kate story to a conclusion. Not the best place to start but every comic is someone's first issue.


Captain Marvel 7

Yes, here is the other book that got me to realize its a Make Mine Marvel time in comics for me. Kelly Sue Deconnick is really rocking it with this second volume of the advetures of Carol Danvers; after the finale of the first volume which took away the majority of her memories Kelly Sue has done a marvelous job in redefining this iconic Marvel heroine by taking her out of her element on earth and into space again. The last storyline gave her a chance to go up against the tyranny of the Spartax emperor, Peter Quill's father and be part of the events that seem to have brought him low; this issue brings her back to the ship she left earth in and the possibility that her cat Chewie is a bit more then she thought. I expect we may be getting a play on the original Alien worry that the alien is in or is the cat.... Anyhow the new artist looks to be pretty marvelous and well... I'm a Carol Corps kinda guy....


Ms. Marvel 8

....so along those lines you could have guessed this would be coming. G Willow Wilson's Ms Marvel is also coming out this week which kind of made this week a hat trick for me and the book I look forward to the most every month. Wilsons' take on the coming of age superhero story about an outsider in American society eventhough she is american is funny, heartfelt and touching in ways that comics rarely have been since the grim nineties. The art in this book is ever excellent by Alphona with his range of character designs and facial expressions telling the tale as much as the story by Wilson. This issue plays into the idea that the new Ms Marvel is actually an Inhuman with Lockjaw becoming a part of her regular cast as Willow slowly builds this title up keeping its Jersey setting separate from the big boys in NY letting Kamala have her own story for the most part. I'm glad that the doctors at Marvel are letting a great title like this have its time to gets its own feet under it.



So does anyone read these...?


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