Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Comics Sept 7th 2014


Original Sin 8

So I guess the big question here is did Jason Aaron, Deodado and Martin stick the landing with their murder mystery story; the answer for me is yeah, they did deliver on the promises they made. I might have liked to been surprised by a last minute gotcha but with the way they set up the clues early on I did know who the killer was I just did not know why and that was the point of this story. Original Sin shoehorns into continuity a new storyline for Nick Fury Sr. as more then just a super spy but as a early guardian for the earth as a whole against monsterous, cosmic and magical threats. I won't give away anything else but will say that they story has a sort of consistency with Marvel's long comics history and Jason wrote the characters he chose to work with quite well considering the huge cast he ends up with in the finale. In terms of event books this one does change the status quo for some of the players in pretty significant ways, introducing some possibly interesting twists to others not involved in the story and sets up some of the interesting changes to come this and in the following months. Is it essential reading for every marvel or comics fan, possibly not but if you like the less white hat side of the Marvel universe, are enjoying the current New Avengers series with its take on Namor, which I particularly am, and like seeing history expanded even if it is a bit of ret-con this was a pretty solid story.

Another reason to go snatch these up if you have not yet in addition to the very cool Art Adams alternate covers is to see what is coming for the Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes; getting easy access to the solicitations as we do not we know about the new title so part of the end of Original Sin is kind of spoiled unless you avoid all the comic news sites and if you do bully for you. Its an event story I'm glad I got and its been a while since I felt that or actually got more then just the first issue of any of the big stories. (Possibly will do a full review after I re read it all....)


Legendary Starlord 3

Three issues three different jail cells for Peter Quill and three escapes; he certinly learned some useful skills hanging around Rocket and references WWRRD (what would.... You get the picture) in this issue. This issue finds him incarcerated with a Badoon tween and an agent of Spartax after he gets betrayed by a pretty face and has to call long distance to a certain mutant love interest of his for a bit of aid. Humphries and Medina with the fun story and cool art in this one often made me smile and laugh out loud in this third done in one story as they set up their bigger storyline our legendary rogueish hero. This series to me feels a lot like an old Hollywood science fiction serieal like Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and the like, the stories are fast moving and introduce characters fast and on the fly. To me this book is a hell of a lot of fun and Paco Mendina has developed into a very deft artist... his work is clean, defined and the right choice for an action adventure story like this. I miss this kind of thing, we don't get action stories that can laugh at themselves too much in the superhero field these days.


Rocket Racoon 3

As you might expect from my enjoyment of Legendary Star-lord I'm enjoying Rockets title. I don't know if this title is for everyone, the title I would compare it to is the Lobo book from back in the nineties that gravitated towards violent comedy and Keith Giffen's brand of over the top humor. Scotty Young is pulling from way way back in the Rocoons story for this and I feel like I have to go get the Groot and Rocket collection to really appreciate what he is doing overall but I am enjoying the hell out of it and one moment of this had me laughing outloud to the point of my girlfriend asking what was so funny... By the way she loved the Guadians movie and she's not a mainstream comics person... Don't know why I threw that in but I think this and Legendary Starlord are comics that may just need some champions to do a bit of signal boosting....



Justice League 33

Ok I will say DC continues to do things that are interesting to me like grabbing the Crime Syndicate for the last crossover and making the bromance between Lex and B-zero the heart of the story. Making Luthor part of the Justice League, his face off with Bruce for the last few issues renews my interest in the book. The New 52 hasn't really done much that I've dug but they do get me try books on and off like this issue that had the Doom Patrol which I've always loved in past incarnations and a new female Power Ring and had its high points but overall I'm still at the point I was before readin it.... I like the take on Lex and I'm intrigued by the new Niles Caulder and have hopes for a neat strong female character from Power Ring but I'm still left cold by the majority of the starts of the book otherwise. Unlike the above books this one I can't reccommend buying one unless your enjoying the book as a whole. I may be back for the next issue but I can say is they made a team based around Luthor and Captain Cold I'd probably be the for it...

Of the books I've gotten to of my purchases Iron Fist 5 is likely to be my last.... I actually liked some of it but its so far from the character I love and remember from the old days that though Andrews' is a capeable writer and has hooked me for some of it Danny Rand is falling too flat for me..


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