Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dead-wood Dispatch Comic Pull List Jan 27 2016

Well damn ... this weeks comic shipment will no doubt make me go well over my twenty dollar limit. Weekly I post up a list of what I actually intend to pick up and well I could lie and say I'll keep to my budget this week but I can't as there is so much good due tomorrow....

Monstress #1 $3.50

Marjorie and Sana have won my heart with this wonderful and oh so pretty book. As they have gone back to a third printing for number one if my memory serves I'm thinking that my signal boost is purely because I'm so charmed by this book that features magic, kaiju like monsters and weird science along with some of the best art I've seen in a long time. The book originally invisioned by Marjorie based on reflections about the experiences of her grandmother in China under the Japanese occupation reads like a story that has taken on a life of its own; the kind where passing character ideas demand attention all on their own. Anyhow if any of that intrigues you and your not on board takes look before any more issues go by. (Oh and today is the last day for the Image Humble Bundle that has so much great storytelling in it including the first issue of this series.)

Ringside #3 $3.99

I know what you may be thinking, a wrestling comic, but Joe Keating and Nick Barber are doing much more then just lifting the curtain on kayfabe here. They are telling a multi layered story with new blood entering the business, mentors trying to steer them, old wrestlers dealing with life and personal drama and we have got hints about stories happening in the upper management too and they are only getting started. Like the best of superhero books these days they main stories and the emotional heart of the book seems far from the four color battles and the life inside the ring. Joe is one of the writers who I look forward to as he is almost always unpredictable in his approach to his stories.


Cry Havoc #1 $3.99

Simon Spurrier is another of the writers who love Joe Keating often surprises in unexpected and wonderful ways. He has two books out this week the first being Spire from Boom which I'm also picking up but this is the one I'll spotlight as its not in the middle of a compex story already. Cry Havoc looks to be a modern war story involving a lesbian werewolf in among the troops along with other various were creatures if the cover solicitations. Little as of yet has been revealed other then the preview but I'm intrigued enough to pick it up given Simon's storytelling trackrecord.


Island #6 $7.99

I know that anthologies are not for everyone and given the price of admission here it may be a bit too far but for variety and quality in story telling and art I think Brandon Graham and Emma Rios have embraced a whole lot of cool stories. Island to me is the best successor to the old Heavy Metal magazine without dipping too far into the erotica pool. I don't have much else to say but if variety in comics is something your craving this is the book to look towards kits somewhere between European and Japanese in flavor and I think it's a pretty unique chance to support cool storytellers. Brandon Graham also has Prophet Earth War issue one out this week at $3.99 and its something the euro sci if comic lover in me just can not pass up.

Ody-C #9 $3.99

And on that topic I'll segue to Matt Fractions take of classic literature by way of science fiction in Ody-C. It started as a Odyessy like tale that has now spanned out to encompass the stories of the thousand and one nights and of all things Moby Dick it seems. Christian Ward's art spins out of the idea of pop art as storytelling and he has one of the most interesting takes on page design that I have seen in quite a long time to me he's a bit Barry Winsor Smith, a bit Jim Steranko, and hits that sweet Jack Kirby spot for me without being much like him style wise. Ody-c really isn't like much out there in that it's narrative is occasionally told via classical epic prose and sequential art with dialogue in a way only comics can.

Jem and the Holograms #11 $3.99

And the hits just keep on coming... sorry I could not resist that bad pun. I really can not pass this by anymore then I can all the others this week. Issue eleven signals the return of Sophie Campbell to the title, the story promises a more sinister Synergy, a Dark Phoenix like take on Jem, it continues the drama started in the wonderful holiday special with the car crash of Pizzaz that brought humanity to the Misfits. I'm quite curious as how the ongoing tale will unfold as Kelly Thompson is really treating this book as a continuing story with short twenty page intervals of raising the characters stakes and allowing them to grow and change; something some comics don't really allow to happen.

Angela Queen of Hel #4 $3.99

Marguerite Bennett had some big shoes to fill in taking over the mythological reins from Kieron Gillen and has proven to be more then bloody well up to the task. Angela is a title that embraces both creative mythology which is reminiscent of Jack the King from back in the silver age and is able to marry that craziness with modern day references and energy that in really a lot of fun. She didn't reinvent and reinvent the wheel when it comes to the story's of Leah and Hel and Loki from Kieron but more stomped on the gas and is running for all the tales are worth. This is one one my favorite of the all new marvel books along with Ultimaes as its about doing something new with the told they are given. Though I like Thor this title is more my kind of thing.





Black Canary #7 $2.99

In the new 52 I have found a few titles that click with me and this one is one of the few. This version of the Canary may not be the one that I grew up with, saw in the Justice League in different incarnations and enjoyed as a partner to Green Arrow but she is undoubtedly the Black Canary I'm enjoying. Brendan's take on Diane, her relationship with her band, with her friends and the friendship with Batgirl really are the heart of this book with addition of the deans and tour drama has been so so welcome fun. Annie Wu's art with Lee Loughbridge's colors have been brilliant energetic and very apt for the band and rock and roll story. With the prospect of Rebirth changing DC again in the near future I intend to enjoy this book for as long as they allow it to go.

Black Magick #4 $3.99

Greg Rucka writes great crime and noir stories and paired with the realistic mainly two tone art of Nicola Scott makes this hard to pass up. The story has been a show burn and is understated in its use of magic so may fall a bit below the radar for urban fantasy fans who have many good choices in books but they would be missing out on some great storytelling. A flip through this beautifully illustrated book will likely end up with it as part of your pile and it really should be. It's also one of the Image books that includes a bit of neat back matter that doesn't get collected so supporting the periodicals is a no brainier for me as I like the little Easter eggs that come after the story.

Moongirl and Devil Dinosaur #3

At both of the big two is the odder titles that really attract me and this is a pretty offbeat one but with Amy Reeder working on it and with its heritage coming from Jack Kirby how could you go wrong. The books has apparently won the heart of a lot of the kids of longtime Marvel readers and that's a great thing as I love the thought of parents and their kids enjoying this. Moongirl taps into the kid genius trope and ties into the ongoing Inhuman story now taking the marvel mutant story elements of the other. The stakes they are playing with are easy to relate too and I'm hoping this title will last.


So that is a bit of the great choices this week and it well breaks my budget even without adding the title I hope my FLCS ordered... that being Faith which adds another $3.99 to that crazy total up there already....


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