Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dead-wood Dispatch Jan 6 2016

So a free days late with this but hope everyone has had a happy new year so far. No resolutions for me really except that this year I do intend to actually keep to the budget I set here of twnenty dollars a week for the books I plan to pick up, some weeks will particularly sting but as I really do have to keep to a budget is best to be honest about things.


Bitch Planet #6 $3.99

Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine De Landro's subversive science fiction story that casts an unflinching eye pretty much in the mirror of out ugly hateful violent society. My girlfriend asked me what Bitch Planet was and the best quick answer to that wild be a look at the ills of the modern patriarchy, his it's toxic masculinity is ruining us all through the lens of a women's prison drama in space. I love the fact that they have essays in the monthlies that detail treat world experiences of people subjected to the ills of our western world. This is another character spotlight with art done by a guest artist and I fear that like with many of Kelly's stories it's likely to draw some tears from me. Honestly love this book for its raw strength and honesty of storytelling and well the best stories make you feel something.

Paper Girls #4 $2.99

Sometimes the best place t set a science fiction story is in the resent past as William Gibson did with his lasted series of espionage stories and what Brian K Vaughan is doing in Paper Girls with its eighties setting. There is a lot of weird going on in this book and I honestly I think I have less of a clue as to the real story going on here then I do in Warren Ellis's Injection. What I can say about this is that Brian is pretty great and getting me to invest in his characters as I'm very interested to see what happens to his cast of courageous heros as much or more then I really want to know WTF is really happening.

Midnighter #8 $2.99

Steve Orland and ACO finished up their first story arc with a bang that I very much appreciated as M proved to be changeable yet consistent at the same time. They are doing great justice to a character I liked right from his first appearance at the hands of Warren Ellis and am glad to say he's not a bit like another vigilante in black the many compare him to. This story arc looks to be pitching him into the path of Spyral again and not with his old sparing partner and team up buddy Dick Grayson but the leader of the organization. Somehow he worked in the sense of a superspy story in ways I'd not have assumed before. Wish I had all those Authority issues still as I'd like to see what I think of them now and how they fit into the new view on Midnighter.


And tha is just short of ten dollars and next week will like be a bear as many of the books I expected this week will be out then ...l as well as hopefully the finale of Zodiac Starforce....



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