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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull List Jan 20 th 2016

Another week another Wednesday another shipping day and a potential to support creators you love at least that is the way that I look at it. This is my weekly round up of the books that I'll be picking up and the ones that I think are worth noticing and are perhaps the cooler of the books out this week. I try to keep to a budget of twenty dollars and if I may bust the budget I'll at least post about the books I think may just be slipping notice among all the shiny.


Poison Ivy #1 $2.99

Amy Chu who I heard speak on the panel on intersectionality at RCCC in 2015 is getting to explore Ivy's life outside of Batman and Harley stories in this six issue series set in Gotham. She was one of the panelists who I didn't know much about before but left being very exited about her work as much as David F Walker and Erica Henderson and knew this was on the horizon. Plot wise it sounds like a good twist on a noir murder mystery and I expect that will be a good read as I've enjoyed Amy's writing that I picked up at RCCC but I'm really exited to see how she developed Ivy's personal relationships I'm particularly wanting to see her side of her interactions with Harley.


Wayward #13 $3.50

I have made no secret as to Ayane being my favorite character in Wayward and the ronin joining her on the cover here who became part of the cast last issue I found pretty enjoyable too so the cover alone is a must. Wayward is not at all the urban fantasy fighting book I thought it was in the beginning and it's always fun to be surprised in what your reading. Jim Zub and Steve Cummings are creating a pretty vital modern mythology out of manga tropes in this book and I'm exited to see where they take us next. In a way this is akin to what Geoff Johns has been doing with a certain superhero group but without all the trappings and baggage that they are burdened with through the lens of cool, unique, Japanese yokai or ghost stories. I'm biased but I really love this weird fiction stuff.

Captain Marvel #1 $3.99

This may not need a signal boost as well doesn't everyone love Carol Danvers but as its no longer headed by the amazing Kelly Sue Deconnick some may take a pass but I'm willing to take a chance on a new team behind one of my favorite heroes. The writers behind this are two of the women behind the Agent Carter show that I found better then Agents of Sheild and worlds better then the second Avengers film that pretty much put me of the MCU for a while. Kris Anka is handling the art for this and he is one I've been waiting to have a regular book to support and so many hints as to how they have set up the book make it sound like that although things have changed it may just be a bit like to last volume that I loved. As comics are expensive I've had to become a bit more choosey but this is certainly one I would give a try.

Patsy Walker aka Hellcate #2 $3.99

Though I love superhero books it seems that it's the superhero books that are much more conserved with the not so punchy side of the story; though I like action in the end there is a pretty predictable outcome so stories that go well beyond that are more my thing. Patsy Walker as written by Kate Leth looks to be the kind of book that is somewhere between the wacky adventure of Squirrel Girl and the personal drama that was at the heart of Matt Fraction's Hawkeye and the first issue really did set the tone. Hellcat, Patsy has been around for a long time in comics and has seen many incarnations between Superhero and romance star across the ages and Kate seems to be playing with all of it in about the same manner as the Jessica Jones show did; it's both funny and dramatic and she is very easy to like and identify with, Patsy that is. The initial issue was really a lot of fun so I'm pretty in for this. Oh and the art is really very charming to.

Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #6 3.99

As this is the end of the story and it's hard to drop into something like this so late in the game I had to spotlight it as I have really enjoyed this book a ton. As this is the end of a story that really did tap into a lot of my memories being a big watcher of music videos and having both lived and come to loath some of the music of my teens Phonogram has really felt very personal. Last week on his Twitter feed Kieron Gillen posted something about David Bowie gets referenced in this one and knowing as I expect this book to be fairly sad and I expect to be a bit broken up after reading it. I happen to like books that make me feel something even if it is hurt. So well I could be wrong and it could be all rainbows and puppies but I expect not. So if your a goth at heart or someone who recalls when Mtv played music videos and your not reading this um I'd ask how'd you miss it. Really excellent book.


So that brings me to right around eighteen dollars for the week and I've not mentioned Ms. Marvel #3 which for me is a must and will put me well a bit over twenty followed by I Hate Fairyland #4 which after all is a lot of sick fun is not at all for the little ones that it's art makes it look geared to. Anyhow this week as were starting to get solicits for April I'm going to be adding a feature on the books I'll be ordering as preorders have become a very important thing given the vagaries of the direct market. I'm hoping to be getting more regular features going this year. Drop me a line and let me know your out there...


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