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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull list Jan 13,2016

As I'm still pretty melancholy from the death of David Bowie who's been a musical and artistic presence in my life for as long as I can recall I have to mention how hard the news hit me my gratitude for being here to witness his art and wish his loved ones well.

Ok now in to what sillyness I do here weekly in putting up the comics I'll be buying for my budget of twenty dollars. I try to support and signal boost books I think may not be on many peoples radar yet....


Insexts #2 $3.99

So this book qualifies as a mature title that is not safe to read in your work lunchroom unless your alone or just brazen enough to well possibly defend your diverse interests. Marguerite Bennett and Ariela Kristantina mice no words in this body horror revenge tale that I'm hoping takes it to the Victorian patriarchy as ruthlessly as they gave. Ok I'm actually hoping for a deep exploration of character and the mythology behind this story too as well as interested in the fallout of the actions taken in just issue one. I'm very curious as to where this book is heading as I am with the other Aftershock books I have taken a look at. This new company deserves attention as they seems not to be pluming the same depths as the major two and their spandex obsessions. Check it but beware as well it's as I said NSFW.

Codename Boaboushka #4 $3.99

As issue three ended in quite a cliffhanger I'm not going to ruin that bit of predictable turn but we'll even if you see something coming it can still be thrilling and make you wonder how the writer will solve this. I personally like stories that follow the b story you know like Rosencrants and Gildenstern explores the other tale behind what is a well trodden path Johnson and Chankhama follow the life of a spy story antagonist an the run put in harms way in a setting of their own creation. I love that this is a book with art done by a woman known for her colors on Fuze showing another side to her craft. Image encourages a sense of community and sharing in some books and this one includes essays that are as worth reading as the heroes story itself. ... This is my choice for spy title to support it has a look like some of my favorite manga books and reminds me of the old story it takes a thief....

Descender # 9 $2.99

Issue eight told the tale of a new character who is in pursuit of our robot hero Tim-21 and exposed us to more mysteries of Jeff Lemire's setting and this one returns us to our story of Tim and his companions abducted by yet another group interested in him and this time around its his people. Descender I hits that hard science fiction story that posits ancient mysteries that drive the plot but focus in the stakes of the characters rather then the mystery itself. Jeff Lemire has for sure entered his cast of characters to me in this story as each have internal needs and stakes that keep me coming back... I'm particularly invested in one of the characters on this cover and the sometimes verbally limited Driller who for some reason really captured my heart. I do not know if it's just me but between the art of Dustin Nguyen and the story I put in mind of Tezuka' Tetsuwan Atom when I read this book.

Injection #6 $2.99

Warren Ellis and Duncan Shalvey's modern day.... well what I can only call and singularity story returns with its second story arc. Injection is one of the two or three books I can honestly say I have no real clue where they are going and don't at all mind my sense of confusion but chalk it up to a sense of wonder. Declan is one of the artists who's work gets better the more that I look at it as the depth of his detail is often not obvious at first glance and it took Kate Leth's podcast to make me take a deeper look. Injection combines the feel of a lot of stories I have loved over time including Sherlock Holmes, The Invisibles, League of Extraordinary Gentelmen, the books of Charlie Stross and William Gibson to name just a few not to forget hints of Michael Moorcock... It's my kind of thing actually


So this week also brings From Under Mountain #4 which I happen to really love for its art and its connection to the first 8House storyline and Silk #3 and even including those I'd be under my twenty dollar budget...


In the realm of collections...


Southern Cross Volume 1

Collecting the six issue storyline that should be exiting for both existential horror and science fiction fans comes out this week at the small price of $9.99. The book looks as good inside as it does on its covers and for me is reminiscent of both Aliens and Space Cruiser Yamato and reads like a well constructed murder mystery as much as it does a sci if horror. I'm jealous of Becky Cloonan as much for her writing ability as her artistic one as the covers are all her. It's more then we'll worth tracking down and supporting as soon the second arc should start.

Shutter Vol 3 Quo Vadis

This is among the books I would not go without monthly and I'm sorely tempted to get the collections too. Keating Del Duca Gieni and Workman combined talents create a book that is personal, beautiful, engaging and above all a well told tale of personal discovery. This book captures the spirit of exploration, adventure and fun that Joe Keating must have felt when reading the Adventures of Tintin and distillate it through multiple other influences to create such a fantastic magical world. Ok I got on but I do love this book. It's $14.99 and brings to a close many of the initial storylines in a pretty shocking ending setting the stage for something new in the next arc that is actually just about to start...


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