Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dispatch Feb 3 Comics Pull List

After last weeks full on madness I'm back to pulling together a list that has a defined budget of twenty dollars trying to highlight the books that I believe deserve more people looking at them. This looks to be a equally marvelous week of creative effort and there is a couple of great collections out too that if that is more your thing there are some excellent choices too.


Mirror #1 $2.99

Originally solicited as part of Brandon Graham's 8House shared world anthology this is one of the books that it seems I have been anticipating for a long time. Emma Rios is the artist for Keely Sue Deconnick's Pretty Deadly, is one half of the editing pair for Isalnd anthology and is a pretty damn good writer as she has a story in the first two issues of the anthology. Hwei Lim is a new artist to me but her soft watercolor like style looks a bit between two of my favorite other similarly colored books from Image Descender and Plutona. The book is toted as a wild mix of characters searching for acceptance including a talking terrorist dog a heroic lab rat and what look to be many animal human mixes. Really exited as I have very little idea what I'll get other then what looks a wonderful piece of fiction.


Midnighter #9 $2.99

This issue returns the weapon from the free preview, the perdition gun, to the Midnighter story and pits M against the current version of one of my long time favorite teams the Suicide Squad. This isn't my Suicide Squad, that was the Ostrander original version, but it is Steve Orlando writing them and I'm actually exited to see Deadshot and Harley handled by his hand. Midnighter is a book that's apparently a book that might be on the edge of being canceled because of low sales so get out there and support him if you like the book. This fight should be pretty great given the players involved and I for be can't wait... ok I'll be honest the movie preview has me pretty exited and knowing the Squad's own title will be taken over by Tom King who I've been really enjoying it may be a good time to be a Suicide Squad fan.

Shutter #18 $3.99

I'm always signal boosing for Kate Christopher's story, it's not often you find a book that is constantly surprising, upping it's game and always a great bit of fun. Shutter is a title that is hard to categorize or elevator pitch specially now that Joe Leila Owen and John's creation has grown and matured through the violent and revealitory events of the three existent volumes. It's a story about family secrets in a world like ours but much much more fantastic and filled with real talking animals that walk like men. Joe pulls inspiration from so many sources and traditions you could say it's a Tin Tin ish story or a Indiana Jones Story or a portal fantasy story for adults but none really do this unique book itself. Go go buy it it's one of the best offerings in comics today in my opinion.

Pretty Deadly #8 $3.50

Emma Rios appears twice in this weeks list this time as artist along with Kelly Sue Deconnick in this metaphysical western come metaphysical war story set on the battlefields of WW I. The story still centers on the same emotionally bonded family of personaifications of death centered on the dramatic figure of Deathface Ginny. The first issue of this arc set up the center of the story with the impending death of one of the not mythic figures of the forest and Sarah and her last wish to see her son before she passes. Kelley Sue never fails to move me and I suspect this arc will be no different. It's something you can say is Sandman as a western but that cheapens its power and originality.

Paper Girls #5 $2.99

This issue brings the first arc to an end and I suspect we'll be left with more questions then answers in this weird cryptic story set in the eighties. Lots of sites that publish pull lists mention this and given its BK Vaughan and Cliff Chiang but I have to kention it too as its something I really enjoy. A diverse group of girls connected only through having a paper routes in a small town and getting cought up I an event that could be time travel or cross dimensional or well given it involves apparent mutants, Knights on flying dinosaurs and future artifacts and strange technology it's anyone's guess at the whys but I'm invested in the girls, their future and qurious where they are taking us next.

That brings me to short of seventeen dollars for this week. I hesitate to put Captain Marvel #2 up because though I know I'll buy it I have real questions about Marvels CEOs actions ... But that is a subject for a much longer and more problematic essay. support of a certain Trump and my feeling s about that. It's hard as I talk about voting with your money and I whole heartedly intend to support comic creators I believe in but have issues with the fact that someone getting income from Marvel is backing a strident racist and sexist bully.


Hinges: Paper Tiger

Meredith McClaren's Hinges volume told what was for the majority of its pages a silent story that invited us to infer the story from her charming and slightly sinister art alone in this sort of steampunk or clockwork punk story. It intorduced a world where clockwork people accompanied by animal like companions fill vital places in the society and it main character struggles to find hers. This promises to introduce a new character and expound on the possibly sinister companion Bauble from the first story. Meredith's art has an inviting openness that draws you in and it's a joy real and look at.




The Wicked + the Divine Commercial Suicide

This collects the most recent story arc of the short lived incarnate gods story that is WicDiv which had guest artists (Leila Del Duca, Stephanie Hans, Tula Lotay, Brandon Graham....) throughout with the exception of the Woden issue which brilliantly repurposed art from Jamie. This series of sort of stand alone issues revealed much about the pantheon other then Luci and well pretty much other then Luci. These issues are touching, sad, and often maddening as you learn what has really been going on behind the scenes. It's a testament to Kieron's writing that he can tell a whole story in the spare twenty some odd pages and manage to move the overall narrative forward too. The Tara issue by Tula Lotay was one of the best single issues of the year and would have been had Kelly Sue not written such great work in Captain Marvel and Bitch Planet. I'd buy the collection even having the issues....


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