Sunday, February 21, 2016

Wanted Feb 24th (aka Deadwood comics pull list...)

Last week was small so I'm thinking this will balance out somewhere else this month or perhaps I will be able to get a couple of the books I've been missing.... Anyhow Power man and Iron Fist full on rocked last week just in case you missed it. When it comes to this list I try to spotlight books that may get overlooked for all the other shiny out there and keep to a budget of a meager twenty dollars.


Angela Queen of Hel #5 $3.99

Looking at the book solicitations for May Marguiette Bennett's modern reference dropping myth making book starring three my favorite Marvel characters Leah, Angela and Sera is among the missing and I am worried as Black Knight already got the axe. This is not a book about superheroes slugging each other it's a books about how far characters will go for love and freedom, what they're willing to risk. Angela Queen of Hel is a bit of a meta journey both I terms of storytelling and in terms of being metaphysical; Sera tells us in narration that Hel is memory and sections of this volume are like the first as they are flashbacks drawn by the magnificent painter Stephanie Hans. I'm afraid that the vagaries that kill so many of my favorite books may be dooming another... it's a great different slice of marvel storytelling and it's worth taking a chance on as much as Thor, and Doctor Strange.


Ringside #4 $3.99

A title about professional wrestling could be a simple slugfest too but not at the hands of a complex and skilled writer who has something to say like Jie Keating. This is a far different journey compared to his other titles like Glory, a book about redemption and love, and Shutter, a book about discovery, it's to early to say what I'll feel Ringside is about to me but it's definitely good and complex. It's been more of a peek into the private lives of these entertainers who battle each other for our enjoyment then it's been just a peek inside kayfabe. We have gotten snippets of the current traveling showmen but much much more if the life after the ring for one star the Minotaur who left under tense,to say the least, circumstances. Nick Barber and Simon Gough give this book a distinctive interpretive look that somehow is really very fitting. Joe seems to be very good at finding the perfect team to collaborate on his various projects making books that click as a whole.


Jem and the Holograms #12 $3.99

Kelly Thompson really must like us she has written two Jem issues for this month one illustrated by Jen Bartel and this by her partner in the creation of this book and artist of Joe Keatings Glory Sophie Campbell. This revoking of the late eighties iconic show hits emotionally and visually on a regular basis most recently with the storyline surrounding Pizzaz, her injury and it's fallout since the Christmas special that was particularly moving. Each of the characters has their own stakes treated with equal value by the creative team, no one plays second fiddle and I'm very curious what the inclusion of Blaze into the regular cast will do to the dynamics of the story. I still have my favorite characters and relationships but so many is say all of the cast have really grown on me. It's one of the books I honestly look forward to every month. Not at all the guilty pleasure it might have been it's something I'm happy to say I'm a big fan of.

Wayward #14 $3.50

Wayward hits on so many of the aspects that I love aboutJapanese manga and I have to give Jim Zub and Steve. Cummings their due they get Japanese urban fantasy right... Rori, Ayane,Shirai, Nikaido Ohara and now the Ronin are not just a Scoobie Gang knockoffs; they are characters that grow out of the yokai ghost story legacy of Japanese Myth that the series is steeped in and works like the legendary Gegege no Kintaro. The story is not simply a black vs white good vs evil morality play it poses the new vs the traditional with complex, conflicted characters trying to find their way through the chaos that their actions have wrought. Steven Cummings' art does a great mix of styleized character and monster laid over very realistically created backgrounds that is a thing in manga of its kind. Jim and Steven have created a story and cast rich in detail and depth and I will miss this book when it is over.


Cry Havoc#2 $3.99

As I'm away from home at the moment I did not get the chance to read the first issue of this but it's waiting for me when I get back. I did get a chance to flip through it to see its unique use of color palet breaking up the continuity of this story that details three periods in its heroes story. It's a lycanthrope military modern fantasy and I. The opening scene asks which side of the cage your on and it's a haunting image and idea as I have to sill wait a bit to read it. Simon Spurrier is someone who writes weird fiction that clicks with my sense of humor and horror and dos what some of my favorite stories do...blend a myriad of fictional ideas into something unique and bizzare.


And that gets me to just about exactly twenty for the week.... February has been a brilliant month of books.... Can not wait to get back home to pick up my books...

Given last week being small I'm likely to add Patsy Walker Hellcat #3, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #4, and Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #5 from this weeks shipping as I happen to love these Marvel books too...


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